May 11, 2010


Here's a brainteaser for you.  How is it possible that I'm down by 75% of my daycare kids, yet the mess in this room is still the same?

And here's a laugh for you - I announce it's snack time, my little chosen son (almost 2) says "Move it!" and pushes me towards the door way.  Love it.

And -- here comes the real mindbogglingly insane improbability -- How is it that I can give 2 boys 2 slices of cheese with 2 saltines each and end up sweeping up 1/2 cup of saltine crumbs from the floor.  How is that possible??


Erin said...

Just goes to show you, there's always a mess, no matter how many kids are around! :)

Chantilly said...

Why would you stand in his way from cheese. Haha

FlyBabySHE said...

It sounds suspiciously like the magic of children! LOL

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