May 19, 2010

Little Admirers

Okay, I have an issue.  My daughter is only 9.  In fact, she just turned 9.  She's fun, she's nice (when she's not bothering her brother) and she's pretty.  She's a great little gal and I'm proud of her.

But - there is a dark side to this lovely little story.  BOYS.

Yup, my 9 year old daughter who is only in grade 3 has boys following her around like she's Cleopatra or something.  It's a little scary.  It started with a cute little thing at school -- he gave her a cookie, then a little kinder toy (not the chocolate, just the toy), then the other boys started one-upping him.  She was getting little pet shop pets that were stolen from sister's rooms, hairbands, earring, necklaces (all dollar store pieces, but still!).  It got to the point that I had to call the teacher.  #1, I don't want my daughter to start using this to her advantage, #2, I don't want some parents hard earned money to be going to my kid when it shouldn't be.

So -- all was good for a while.

Then...they started following her home.  Why this creeps me out is beyond me, but they follow her home and then sit outside our house for hours waiting to spot a glimpse of her.  Isn't that a little Silence of the Lambs to you?


So -- I put a stop to that. Told them that if they wanted to come over to play with her, that was fine, but that they needed their parent's permission first, AND it could only be on a weekend (hey -- I deal with kids all day long, I don't need even more!)

Now -- it's phone calls.  I didn't think I'd have to be dealing with this so early.  But they're phoning.  They call, and it's usually (from what i can hear on my end) "hi, what are you doing? Do you want to play at lunch/recess tomorrow?  Okay, bye."

But there's one little freak-o-rama out there who calls to serenade her.  I was busy dealing with the kids and the little man calls and she goes off to talk.  Kids leave, supper's ready and I'm like, "where's my daughter?"  She'd been on the phone for an HOUR with this kid!  An Hour!!  She's on her bed, the phone's on speaker and I hear him singing this:

"I'm gonna...KILL the bugs
KILL the bugs.
Squish them all right dead.

I'm gonna...KILL the bugs,
KILL the bugs,
Keep them from your head..."'re thinking what I'm thinking.

So -- daughter's sitting there on her bed mouthing to me "I don't know how to make him shut up!"  I just about peed my pants after the initial shock of it all.  I ended up saying "supper time" and she quickly told him she had to go.  Now when he phones, she begs me not to answer.

But -- the creepiness is not over yet folks, no...he will phone...and phone...and phone.  Last time, in a 10 minute window - he called us 8 times.

Dude -- you're little crush is cute, but I'm ready to call the cops at this point.

Meanwhile, my daughter now cringes when the phone rings.  How sad is that?  Why can't people control their kids?  I mean...when my kids want to phone someone, I'm in the room with them.  In my opinion, it's no different than allowing them online alone.  How am I supposed to know what's going on if I'm not there to eavesdrop  listen in... er... keep them safe?  How do parents not know where their child is for so long (with those boys hanging out at my place from about 4 to 7pm)  That's just wrong to me!

What's worse -- why don't these parents teach their children some manners and respect???  I just don't get it.  I hope that when my kids grow up, they're able to marry someone who also had parents that taught morals and common sense.


Tina said...

I would call the little freak-o-rama's mamma and ask HER to put a hault to it, PRONTO!

Hethr said...

Tina - do you have these problems with your daughter? She's older than Iman -- she must have had a little beau or two!?

FlyBabySHE said...

I didn't have those problems with Amanda. Not that she wasn't pretty and all...and NOT that I'm complaining..LOL The whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing seems to be starting younger and younger. Either that or I'm getting old...LOL

Kami said...

I'd be calling HIS PARENTS and tell them to not let him call anymore!

Shasharishi said...

wow! This is really incredible! the boy must be curbed for his own safety or he will turn into a psycho. Maybe he has a difficult home life and she is his only ray of sunshine :( but its still creepy as anything.

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