May 28, 2010

New books on my wishlist

First is this lovely gem that stupid blogger lost on me...but I found it (after hours of googling "mother & daughter journal). Oy! 

For my Canadian friends, please click here for a link to the book on

Anyhow -- the book looks really neat, and if it will help me to create a stronger bond with my 9 year daughter, why not give it a try (especially for the bargain price of $10 -- how can you complain?)  I also think that it will help to have a "safe place" to voice thoughts/questions that we each may have -- it's not like having that uncomfortable conversation; becuase you're somewhat removed from the situation, it's easier to say what needs to be said without worrying about the embarrassment of the situation.  Anyhow -- I'm looking forward to adding this to my next order!  (by the way, if anyone ever wanted to gift me anything, I've got a wishlist on Amazon.  Just sayin'...)

Another book that I'm interested in is called The Faith Club.  Old Muslim Woman had a little book club going for this one....the reviews are...interesting.  They've certainly piqued my interest in it.

Again, my Canadian friends can click here for a link to  This is a book that I'd most certainly like to read with others and have a little "book review" at the end.  Do I have any Jewish followers who'd want to do this??  I think it'd be interesting to have 3 women of each faith reading this book.  It would be interesting to see how our own faiths are represented (correctly or not) and if/how our view of the other faiths has changed after reading.  Don't you think?

That's it for now!


Tina Schell said...

Just so you know, that after reading the first 10 pages(!) of the book "The Faith Club", I have now ordered it!! Thanks for the recommendations!!

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