May 5, 2010

Eye Twitch!

some of the thoughts swirling through my head today interspersed with some of the words that I've had to say today (usually about 10000 times....)

  • no.
  • get down.
  • no, you can't play in the fish tank.
  • no, you can't jump on the couch.
  • no, taking the cushions off the couch to jump on them is also not allowed.
  • no, jumping on the cushion-less couch is also not allowed.
  • regardless of what you may think, eating broccoli will not kill you.
  • no, you cannot dip your broccoli in caramel.
  • please stop shouting.  It doesn't matter how loudly you shout, your sister/brother who is at school cannot hear you from here.
  • eeeek!  Jumping from the back of the couch to the cushions is NOT allowed either
  • we're on a whole new level of WTF when you pretend to play doggie and start "marking your territory" It is disturbing.
  • if you're too sick to be at school, how come you can play and laugh and cause everyone else to be bratty?
  • on that note - should I walk you to school and save my sanity, or enjoy you while you're here (cause it's not often I get to spend time with you)
  • watching you make a "bra" for the baby doll out of the baby doll diapers is also disturbing.
  • it's a new kind of irony watching the Fisher Price Bus haul cars around, while the Fisher Price People "slide" down the car park ramp.
  • Wow - that is cool that the puppet just had a baby.  Yes, I see it's Elmo.  Yes, I did know that babies come out of bums.  Yes, I'm very glad that you're mom didn't flush the toilet after you came out of her bum. (oh my god...almost peed my pants on that one!)
  • I'd like to thank you both for the colourful artwork on my chair.  Sure, the highlighters are ruined, but it does look freakishly cool.
  • I think it's hilarious that you will wear the goggles from our "work bench" area almost all day becuase you think they help you breathe.  Whatever floats your boat, hun!
  • why is it that you willingly eat your own snot, but won't put a carrot in your mouth?
  • why are you suddenly so fascinated with dumping every bin full of stuff in the middle of the room?
  • why do you leave your dumped bins upside down all over the room -- like little islands of unused organization?
Depending on how my day goes (ie, if it continues on the current course) I may have to add a second eye twitch post today.

Speaking of Eye Twitches -- another shameless promo about my T-shirts...this is the last week to get the "Eye Twitch" -- next week is a new design!

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    Tina said...

    "why is it that you willingly eat your own snot, but won't put a carrot in your mouth?"


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