Jun 2, 2010

the battery saga: Finale

So, I thought I ought to update you folks out there in Bloggy World about the end of this saga.

The battery has passed.  I don't know how -- uh, wait, I do know how, but I don't know when.  I had run out of my prescriptions and had to go to the doc anyway -- so I dragged the little demon child with me.  A quick xray showed that there was no battery to be found.  Yahoo!

Now, 2 days after the end of that, begins the next tale of motherly adventures.  On Monday night, my middle guy was complaining of tummy pains.  He picked at his supper, and willingly went to bed (I should have suspected at this point).  1/2 hour later, I hear *cough, cough...splat*

Every mother knows this sound.  The sound of barf hitting the floor. The sound that lets you know that there is not a peaceful night of blissful sleep ahead; rather a night spent scrubbing floors, cleaning up sour puke and trying to comfort little bodies.

For the little bit of food he ate, Mr Man sure had a lot in his stomach.  He managed to get another shot at the carpet in his doorway on the way to the bathroom and also completely covered the toilet (made it there, but not in time to lift the lid).  *le sigh*

So, cleaning all that up was fun.  Lots and lots of fun.

Throughout the night, he was sick some more.  I stopped counting after the fourth or fifth vomit session.  I cleaned it off the wall, off his bed (again, and again) off his pillow, off the books that he got...Oh Joyous Puke. (and why he couldn't get it IN the puke bucket we gave him, I'd like to know!)

Morning comes and there is a definite aroma of stale puke in my house.  How lovely.  We are now pricing out a new mattress for him (anyone know of a place having a sale?)

He continued to puke all day yesterday.  He was able to eat 1/2 of a chicken leg for supper last night, and kept it down.  He's still sleeping...but if that nasty virus starts and ends with him, I'll thank my lucky stars!


Erin H said...

There's a nasty flu bug going around the preschool right now. Thank my stars we haven't seen it yet!

Hethr said...

I'm hoping that all the disinfecting and Norwex cloths will keep it from spreading. However, I can't stop him from hugging and communicating with everyone else. :(

Jo-Ann said...

Oh I hate puke. Give me a rash or fever any day, just not puke. Hope tummies are all settled now.

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