Jun 11, 2010

Festivus Friday again!

I have been holding back and waiting all week long for this post! I'm also trying out a new font...so let me know if it looks any better than the older posts...I don't really like the way the old font looks on my background.

Anyhoo -- I've got a bunch of grievances to air...so without delay:

1.  whoever is tossing their garbage into my back yard.  It's GROSS.  Stop.  It's not a lot, but I have better things to do that pick up your chocolate bar wrappers and slurpee cups.  My guess is that you are a wickedly cool teenager.  Feel free to use my garbage can or I'll call the cops on you for littering.
2.  People who come to comment on a post in my blog just to post a link to theirs.  It's rude.  Seriously...some dingbat came and posted on my last Festivus Friday rant "nice post" with a link back to his/her blog.  Come on!  "nice post" -- Is that the best you can do?  Did you even read it??  I don't mind, really, if this person really read the post and said that...fine...but something tells me that it was just a comment-and-run to spread their crappy wears.  I refuse to click on their link.  Comment folks, I like it...even if you don't agree with me, but put a little thought into it, okay??

3.  Potty training.  Ugh...we are potty training my son.  One day, he'll do fabulous the next day I'm cleaning up puddles like crazy.  Just another reminder straight from God that I'm done with having kids. 

4.  The rain -- We had a long, hot, dry summer last year...and we seem to be making up for it now.  I'm sick of it though.  A little sun would be nice.

5.  My procrastinating.  I have a pretty major assignment due on Sunday.  Guess how much I have started.  NOTHING.  Yet, I blog.  *le sigh*

6.  He who shall not be named -- let's just say that I wasn't feeling well this week and asked someone who doesn't like me talking about him online to watch my toddler.  Well, somehow, while I was napping, toddler got into nailpolish -- all over my daughter's DSi, and all over his face (including his eyelashes which are now stuck together and pearly white)  I just don't get it.

7.  Laundry.  Even with the schedule of schedules -- I hate laundry.  I'd rather burn it and buy new.

And...I think I'm done.  Wow...I feel better already! 


Chantilly said...

nice post. :)

Chantilly said...

Ok the first one was a joke....

Seriously now though; we have the same issue with garbage at our house. What is with that?

Stay strong with the potty training...if we give then it takes longer. You are stronger than you know.

I would like to air my grievences about my remain nameless also. Why is it that our day never ends and yet they need a list or they don't do it. I adore my nameless to death but wish this person would help more without coaxing.

My new grievence to add to yours though is the schools that send useless stuff home to buy that is in no way educational. I am saving to take my children on a trip of their lives and quite frankly, don't want to buy a darn yo-yo.

Jocelyn said...

Hummm, the "he will remain nameless" sounds familiar. Your blogs remind me that I am glad I am almost done with raising children. IF I can just survive the last one and his graduation. I just might take a deep breath.

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

lol @ potty training. Number 8 took foreeeeeeeeever to be potty trained. Lord I've potty trained 9 kids. I guess next year will be number 10. Some are a breeze and some won't be trained for love or money.

Hethr said...

@ chantilly -- I gettcha. You know what the kids school sent home last year?? Little mini hand sanitizers...they had something like 5 mls in them. They were in these kind of Gumbo body things that you could hang on your kids bag. 5 mls...that's what...2 uses? Maybe?? Were they refillable? No. Guess how much they were....Sit down -- $10!!!!

@ all men in general -- you won't DIE if you do something helpful.

@ C -- WS. I've probably trained just as many kids (though, you have birthed all 10 of yours...Yikes!) Why do I have patience and understanding with other kids and not my own??

Hethr said...

And here's a new grievance for you -- I HATE it when people spell patients and mean to say patience. There is a HUGE difference!

A nurse could say, "I have no patience, thank God I have no patients!" and it wold make total sense. Think about it peeps.

Hethr said...

@ Jocelyn -- how did I miss you? I'm pretty sure you know "he who shall remain nameless" ;P

Jenn M said...

I hate the rain. Thus my living in Calgary not Vancouver. But this week has seriously tested every ounce of my patience.

Potty training sucks. It was a happy happy day when diapers were done in this house..

And thanks for the great blog. Makes my day!

FlyBabySHE said...

It seems we all have similar "he who shall remain nameless" people in our lives. Mine promises to take out the trash...and after several reminders and a hissy fit, he does....THREE DAYS LATER!! We both work full time, yet his days off consist of sleeping in, going for coffee with his friends, and playing on his computer. Mine? They're filled with housework, errands, gardening, and all the other stuff I don't get done during the week!!

I have to admit, I have no grievance with the weather. Then again, I also have no small kids at home, and - having been born in England - I'm quite fond of rain..LOL

Amen to the useless but stupidly overpriced fundraiser junk that comes home from the schools...I am SO thankful I'm past that stage (until fall 2011 when my grandson starts kindergarten).

Hethr said...

@ Jenn M -- Glad you like it here!

@ flybabyshe -- holy crap...it's as if our people who shall not be named are TWINS!! Your man's day off sounds suspiciously similar to my man's.

I don't mind the rain. I do mind being stuck in the house with 6 kids who need to blow off energy but can't becuase they are sick/not dressed appropriately.

Naomi said...

I'm not really sure why we're all in such a freakin' hurry to potty train our children. OK, yeah, poopy nappies are gross, but way better than poopy underwear, pants, sheets...you get the idea!
Little Mr. Man, for all intents & purposes, is potty trained. He has gone for months without having an accident, but for some reason, lately he's decided there really is NO need to use a toilet. Why pee in a toilet and stop playing, when you're perfectly comfortable in pee stained clothing. My house smells like urinal; my son smells like a hobo. I need a holiday!

to add to your patients/patience pet peeves: then/than. intents and purposes/intense purposes

Have a great weekend & good luck with getting to that assignment.

NanLT said...

Glad I found this. It's a moment of insanity in an insane world.

Anyway, potty training. I've dealt with 3 boys. With the eldest I once told a gung ho 'got to have them potty trained before they start walking and talking sort': I figure if he isn't potty trained by 18 I'll let the army deal with it.

I think she believed me...

Stela James said...

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