Jun 17, 2010

The Cake Story

Okay, so I planned this little birthday party for one of my daycare kids. They all get along so well (usually) and another little one is moving away soon, so it would be the last big "thing" that we could do. I wanted to liven it up a bit.

So, I was going to buy a cake...but, well, I kept putting off that homework, and the next thing I knew, it was party day. Thank God, I had a box of cake mix in my cupboard (but didn't have icing...more on that later).

So, I pull out the cake mix. It's Butter Pecan. This is not good -- I have a child here who's allergic to nuts. I read the ingredients, there's nothing listed, there's no warnings nothing. I still worry...what if she eats it and I have to pull out the epi-pen?? I do NOT want to do that!

So I call my BFF (who's allergic to nuts) who says, "Why don't you just call the 800 number on the box?

Clearly folks, all of my brain functioning is being reserved for writing my essay.

So, I call the number. It's something like 1-800-I-can't-believe-you're-too-lazy-to-make-your-own-cake. She assures me that none of their products contain nuts. Hurrah! So, now I'm making a pecan-less butter pecan cake. Woo hoo!

We mix and stir and pour and bake. The house smells devine. We eat some sloppy Joe's for lunch (to which I'm told "Where did you come up with this amazing lunch?!?") *I love this child!*

Nap time and I head to my facebook, because I realized at 10pm that I had no icing in the house...or butter...or Crisco or any other nasty, high-fattening thing to make icing with. One of my FB friends kindly left me an easy to make recipe with butter (or margarine), icing sugar, milk and vanilla. That's my kind of recipe.

I measure out my butter and vanilla -- then go to my sugar cupboard -- only to realize that I've got about 3/4 of a cup of icing sugar -- but I need 2 1/2 cups! Then I remember my BFF (previously mentioned) had borrowed some sugar earlier in the year....

So, I scooped out some of the butter and vanilla, poured in the sugar and a bit of milk, and prayed for the best.

It worked. It was good, and just barely enough to cover the cake.  I made up for the ugliness by adding sprinkles.  Yeah...I went all out on that baby.

Here's a pic...it's...er...beautiful, isn't it??  And now you all know why I have never made a claim to be a domestic diva. Diva, yes...domestic??  Not a chance in hell!


Maple_Mom said...

The BFF would like to point out that she TRIED to replace said icing sugar when she bought a 40 KG bag of it!!! And of course, Dad is home and there IS one more of those big containers there... along with butter...

Ok... won't tell you more! Especially not about the can of Betty Crocker Frosting that I left behind! ;-)

Beautiful cake though. Simple is sometimes the best. Going to go bake some cupcakes when I'm done work now... since I have a craving!

Tina Schell said...

I now have a craving for sloppy joes AND cake!!!

Hethr said...

@ Maple_Mom - You know darn well that your worst cake ever beats this one. I guess what I failed to show was that the icing was so thin on this -- imagine butter on toast before it melts. Yeah...fancy huh?

@ Tina - you need to come over for a plyadate or something...after my big exam that is!

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