Jun 30, 2010


School's done with -- well, kinda.  I'm still working on a practicum over the summer, but that's much less work than what I've been doing.  Finished my final exam last night, so now I can concentrate on my life again.

I was going to go on a white water rafting thing, but I think I've decided not to...this time.

Our Book Club is going to start.  Official start day is tomorrow (July 1st) -- I'm going to try to read ahead a bit to get some ideas of where the book is going, and come up with some discussion/question type things.

And belly dancing -- remember I wanted to do that??  I think I just might!  Anyhow -- I'm off to finish reading a book that's NOT a text for a change!  I'm so loving life right now!


Meaghan said...

Phew! I'm glad you're back ... every time I saw the Anti-Rape Condom, it made my lady-bits cringe!! :)

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