Jun 4, 2010

FESTIVUS FRIDAY: The Airing of Grievances

I got this fabulous idea from We Aren't Perfect and I LOVE it.  I tried to post on her blog, but it won't let me.  I may try again in a new browser though.

Anyhow -- If (like some people I know) you're too lazy to click on links, the idea is, we are moms (or maybe not) and things can tick us off -- much like my posts about Unhappy Moms that got people to vent about their issues.  This is the same thing -- only under the spirit of Seinfeld -- a Festivus Friday Blog post.  I'm in cyber love.

So, I'll go first.  My grievance is having to tell my kids (and my chosen ones too) the same answer 10 times over...such as "no, you can't have a chocolate bar for lunch today." They then try again, and again.  When they realize that I'm not changing my mind, they then send in their recruits -- as if I have a secret favorite child who will bat their beautiful little eyes and tilt their head at just the right angle to make my will power shatter.  It is not happening, kids, give it up!!  So that's my grievance for the week -- answering the same question a million times over.

I think that this may become a weekly post.  Who doesn't need a little venting now and then?

It's your turn....post your grievance!


Dawn K. said...

I couldn't agree with you more! My kids (and husband) are the same way. If they're not going to listen when I answer their questions, stop asking! I found your blog through Bloggy Moms and I'm a new follower! Visit some time!


Kylie's Mom said...

OK, I have one:

I hate going to playgroups. I hate how all the moms sit around yakking while their monstrous children push my toddler to the ground, take the cookies out of her hands and then take the toy she was playing with. I don't know why some parents don't equate "parented playgroup" with "supervise your kids once in a while".

Sometimes I want a chocolate bar for lunch lol.

Chantilly said...

My latest grievance is how I feel like I don't have time to breathe. Do my job well, come home make supper, spend time with kids, tidy up, do homework and then husband wants to "tango". Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but nothing can not be done. Why didn't our mom's warn us?

Hethr said...

Chantilly -- becuase she didn't have time. I totally understand. TOTALLY.

Hethr said...

Kylie's Mom -- that's why I never, ever, ever EVER go on playdates. Do you know the strength and will power it takes for me to keep my mouth shut when all I want to do is tell them to take their bratty-ass kid home?!

Hethr said...

Dawn -- Your blog is open in the next tab...but I think I already like it just based on the title!

Crystal said...

Hethr, thanks for bringing Festivus over to your bloghood. I have another grievance, and at risk of being labeled a "whiner", here I go: I am really tired of running my behind off and still struggling into the same fat pants over and over again. How many more calories and fat grams and carbs and sugar and this and that must I cut out? My diet may soon resemble a supermodel's, sans the drugs and alchohol. And the flat tummy. Ugh.

work from home said...
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Hethr said...

@ Crystal -- I get ya. I did that damn 30 day shred, lost a lot of inches, only to gain it all back. Turns out that you have to KEEP exercising. Crap.

@ work from home -- I Have another grievance. Shitty comments that are there simply to spread your blog site. Use your brain and think of a worthwhile comment other than "nice post" witha link to your blog that I'm refusing to click on (and I hope everyone else with half a brain does too). It's BS and it's the last time it will happen. I have the power of the delete button.

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