Jun 16, 2010

The Faith Club

     So, one of my fabulous followers saw that I wanted to start a book club with the book called "The Faith Club" and ya know what this wonder-woman did??  She SENT me the book!!!

     Folks, I tell ya, there is nothing better in the world than opening up your mailbox to books (well, if you're a book geek like me, that is!).  Even when I order them myself, or when they're textbooks for school, I get all giddy and excited.  I just love books!!

      Anyhow -- I have some pretty major assignments that I have procrastinated on...haven't gotten to yet...uh...I mean that are due soon...and then a Final Exam on the 29th...so that gives you all plenty of time to order this book if you'd like to join in.  I'm thinking 1 chapter a week or so...starting on the first week of July.  What do you all think??  Sound good??  The link to the left is for you American readers....and the one down here on the right is for my fellow Canucks.

     Once again, I've heard very mixed reviews on this one.  I've heard people are upset with the very lax faith of the Muslim and Jewish women in the book.  Personally, I think it will make for interesting reading anyhow -- and what a great way to start a dialogue!

Happy Reading!!


Maple_Mom said...

I'll go pick it up later. Might luck into one of the book stores in town having it in stock!

NanLT said...

I am going to keep my eyes open for this book.

For myself - I am Pagan, but am always interested in exploring the beliefs of others.

And for a friend who teaches religious education at a nearby secondary school.

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