Aug 23, 2010

When am I going to learn?

When will I learn that going near chat rooms, posts, status updates or any other sort of thing where I have the chance to voice my (often loud) opinion while I'm PMSing is WRONG?!

Today's first idiotic comment was after some woman posted a thing on Facebook -- some app that opposes the Mosque that they're planning to build at ground zero.  I'm neither for nor against this Mosque.  The one thing that I am "for" is respect.  So this app just screamed of tackiness to me.  It was a picture of a waving American flag with the comment "talk about a slap in the face of those who died there...find somewhere else to build it."  My blood boils at crap like this.  I get it -- I get the hurt and the pain and the horror of that day, I really do.  I thought however, that people understood that it was NOT Islam that did this.  My response was one word. "Classy"

It caused an uproar.

Then, on my new favourite online shop (which isn't yet online, but let's not go there -- poor woman's had issues) -- some crazy was posting and reposting and reposting....and yes...posting again about a political issue (I'm not going there, because it's not the issue that bugs me, it's the flippen spam-like posting).  So I told her -- "this is bordering on spam"

Yeah...that didn't go over well either.

So - mental note to self -- when you are bitchy and have things to say -- say them HERE on your own blog.

That is all.


NanLT said...

Are you and I on the same cycle Hethr? I'm getting to the stage where my hubby breathing in the same room with me is pissing me off.

And when I see those damned Nimby notices about building a mosque in NYC I want to scream. It's not at Ground Zero, it's 6 blocks away. And it isn't the Muslims living in NYC who crashed those planes, it was selfish bastards who had no consideration for anyone.

Okay, on September 12, I was pissed and wanted to lash out at anyone who closely resembled the people who did that atrocious act. It's been nearly a decade! It's time to move past knee jerk anger and think sensibly instead of just reacting emotionally.

Okay - I'm rambling again.

Chantilly said...

Oh we are in the same boat. My blog post made someone pissed at the truth. When did free speech become something that is frowned upon and when did people other than ourselves become idiots?

Anonymous said...

Can't please the peoples all the time. Looks like today isn't your day.

Honestly... your blood might be boiling but the idea of building a mosque boils others.It's a freedom of expression thing.. It will resonate among the population for many many years to come. So you've got a lot of years of staying pissed at it unfortunately.
You've got rights to your views, don't get me wrong. But they have rights to their feelings be it right or wrong.

And I'm not pmsing when I type this.

Hethr said...

@ "Anonymous" -- I never said anything about the mosque, but the tacky way of protesting it. There's a way that brings about mutual respect and honest dialogue, and then there's the way that makes you (general, not You you) look like the KKK out to burn crosses or something.

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Its so not worth it..don't waste your ramadan. Breathe..back away from the send button. I know how you feel. Its a good time to go into hiding at that time of the month, lol.

NanLT said...

Within some cultures a woman was considered to be at the height of her magical powers when her menstrual bloods were flowing. And going into isolation with other women seems a very good idea to me at times, or at least going into isolation, moving into my self and being present only with my thoughts.

That may be, but that week or two before hand I could kill someone. And as I enter peri-menopause it has only gotten worse.

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