Aug 16, 2010

messing with the man

Is it evil that I like to tease my husband?  I sure hope not, because I do it all the time.  Not a mean, potentially abusive type of teasing, but a light-hearted joke here, or a silly comment there.  It's all in the name of fun.

So, the latest thing in the teasing rampage has been toothbrushes -- he bought this mega pack of toothbrushes at had 5 brushes -- 2 blue ones, and the rest were multi-coloured (kinda girly, pastel colours).  He chooses a green one and sticks it in the shower...I asked him for one while i was in the shower (Yes, I brush my teeth in the shower, get over it!) -- and he passes me purple.  I don't like purple.  BLUE is my colour of choice.  But --'s a toothbrush.

After a few days, I said to him, "Hey babe...which color is my toothbrush again?  I can never remember..." and just leave it at that. 

If he was a cartoon, he would have done one of those Bugs Bunny "doing" thing where his ears perk up and vibrate for a second...he slowly says, "Purple."  I shrug and go on with my day. The seed is now planted.

Later that night, I noticed he put another new toothbrush at the sink -- I grabbed my chance -- the one at the sink is also green -- I chose a blue one. (this will all make sense in a few seconds!)

That next morning, I ask again -- "Hey -- which toothbrush at the sink is mine?  I have the girly color, right?" -- he, knowing something is up, just shakes his head.

But -- VICTORY -- that night, as I watched him going to go brush his teeth -- he hesitated over which toothbrush to it the blue?  The green?  Do I dare risk getting hethr toothbrush germs in my mouth?

It took him probably 20 seconds to try to remember which was his brush.

And I just giggle.


Tina.S said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! ;D

FlyBabySHE said...

It's not evil in the least!! I sure hope it isn't, anyways, cause I love to tease my hubby, too! time I'm over, I'll have to ask M if he prefers blue, green, or purple toothbrushes! LOL

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