Aug 27, 2010

What was I thinking?

This seems to be a common topic in my life lately -- what the hell were you thinking, Hethr?  I do something, with a great end result in mind, without thinking of the process...a critical part to anything!

For example, after a summer that could hardly be called a summer, we finally had some nice warm days...these days happened to coincide with the numerous apples falling from my trees -- so I gather them all up, peel and chop them, and decide to make something with them...I choose an apple coffee cake.  That's right.  On a day when the temperature outside reaches 30*C (that's 86*F) I decide to turn on my oven.  Yup, thought that through really well.

Another example would be the spontaneous cleaning moment I had.  I wake up at 530 in the morning, and look at my blinds in my kitchen...they're pretty nasty -- all that humidity in the kitchen settles on the blinds, the dust and such from open windows settles on the humidity and voila -- you have a grime-o-matic right there in your own kitchen.  So -- I brilliantly decide (at now 6 in the morning) that these things need to be cleaned....NOW.  I climb up onto my counter to take them down...fill up my bathtub with some Mr.Clean and hot water and stick my blinds in there -- only to realize that I have really big windows because only about 1/4 of the blinds were actually immersed in the water.  But -- did that stop me??  Hell to the No!  I went scrubbie-crazy and cleaned those buggers well....only to realize that I had to then turn them over and do the same thing to the other side.  By the way -- did you know that cleaning blinds and flipping them around in the bathroom and scrubbing away at 630 in the morning isn't exactly quiet and will likely wake the rest of the family???  Who knew??

So, I get the grit and grime off of them...climb back onto my counter to put them back up, drop them, pick them up again, get them stuck on the tap of the kitchen sink, knock the ends into the cupboards and finally snap it into place -- then I realize that they're all crazy like, with one strip randomly stuck to the I have to go through each stinking piece of metal and separate them one by one.  It was at this point that I decided that hiring a housekeeper to come in and do this kind of crap 2 or 3 times a year will be well worth it.


NanLT said...

I sometimes have thoughts like that. But I find spending about an hour on the internet makes them go away again.

Amena said...

I wish I could clean at 6:30am

Hethr said...

@ Nan -- that's usually what I do...hence the title, what was I thinking -- ACTUALLY cleaning?? Scary stuff!

@ Amena -- lol -- you're welcome to come anytime over here and clean. I'll watch the baby, you can clean to your heart's content!

Keahn said...

By the time I have a mug of coffee, read the L.A. Times, and write a letter the urge to do anything remotely domestic has passed.

Lorie said...

I will have to tell you I have never done this, and really need to clean the blinds. But since I read this, I may have to hire someone to do it for me!

FlyBabySHE said...

ROFLOL!!!! I'm sorry, Hethr...I know the frustration of dealing with blinds (you can actually take them out in the yard and clean them with the hose - it's easier than using the bathtub). It's just that as I read your blog, I had this mental picture of you kneeling on the counters, struggling with the blinds, cussing under your breath, and suddenly a sleepy Adam appearing in the kitchen saying, "What doin', Mommy?"

Hethr said...

LMAO -- Cori -- that's pretty much EXACTLY what happened!!

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