Aug 13, 2010

Festivus Friday

I need to start off by saying that I'm feeling kind of guilty making a Festivus Friday complaint post in Ramadan...kinda like doing one on Christmas Day or something -- some little bit of it seems wrong....


Thought that this was fitting for a Ramadan Festivus post!
I'm overtired, very hungry and PMSing (or PMT for my British friends).

So, Festivus Friday evolved from that Festivus Episode that was on Seinfeld.  It's an Airing of Grievances -- and it helps me to get rid of them more often than once a year.  I know that the whole Festivus thing is just a comedy skit, but it's a great excuse to get the things off of my chest that are bugging me.

Here goes:
  • To the guys who are here building my deck.  It is NOT my duty to supply you with food/water.  Because I brought out water bottles to you and let you snag some apples from my trees - does not mean that I'll be doing it for the rest of the build.  You have a JOB -- bring your own lunch!
  • To my wonderful children.  If you don't stop whining and bickering over those stupid Nintendo DSi games, I will give them away.  Happily.
  • To my lovely daycare boy - I love you.  I hate whining.  Please stop whining.
  • To my husband.  I love you.  I hate ironing. Stop buying clothes that I have to press.
  • To the idiot who created battery operated toys thereby sapping children of imagination and causing millions of parents to want to scream.  I HATE YOU.
  • To my neighbour across the street.  I'm very glad that you have the self-esteem to wear a thong bikini.  You shouldn't.

That is all.


Erin said...

I threaten to sell the kids' DS games on Ebay at least once a week in the summer.

As for the neighbour with the thong...oh dear.

Crystal said...

LOL You're last line made me LOL.

I went thru a similar experience when they were building our desk... and then with the temperatures upward of 95-100 degrees, I feel heartless not offering them something cold to drink and then annoyed when 5 sweaty guys want 5 buckets of ice water...

And Ramadan Mubarek by the way! =)

NanLT said...

Is it appropriate to wish you a Happy Ramadan?

Can't sell the kids' playstation or Nintendo or other game, we don't own any. I am however sorely tempted to sell the children at times.

Over here it's not water for builders, it's tea. They can sort out their own lunch though.

Hethr said...

It's very appropriate, and thank you for saying it! (and you too, Crystal!)

Maybe Tomorrow I'll be a Better Mother said...

happy Ramadan! although fasting and PMSing really should not be legal!
same goes for your neighbour and the thong. thank you for not posting visual aids for that!
Whinging - if you find a cure, let me know. i've spent the whole week asking my son to repeat himself using a better tone of voice...sort of not his fault, he has been sick, but really does a high fever really make you speak in a whingy whiny voice????

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