Aug 2, 2010

Vacation Day 2

Good God -- who knew that painting the house would turn into a blog post.

Let's start with the mundane.  My house is very "white"  -- it was built in 1972, and I was convinced that it hadn't been painted since then.  I was proven wrong however, when trying to remove old nails (that, yes, I re-used to hang my pictures when I moved in 5 years ago) that were painted over.  The house -- every inch of it, was painted in an eggshell white.

In a desperate attempt for colour, I painted my kids rooms about 3 years ago.  I must have been in some sort of pregnancy hormone induced act of lunacy - because for some reason I chose to paint all their walls yellow which in my mind was a butter yellow, but in reality was more of a sunshine yellow.  Then, I proceeded to paint the trim in the boys room bright blue and in my daughter's room bright pink.  It looked like an Easter egg threw up all over.  It was horrible (but the kids loved it)

So this time around, I brought my husband along with me to "tone down" and colour highs I may be on (no pregnancy this time!!). I chose a colour called "chocolate fudge" for the main living area, and am going two toned for the kids (Iman has chosen a mauve-ish colour and her accent wall is going to be a deep purple.  This will go "great" with her lime green sheets that she also picked out last week)  *le sigh*.  The boys -- I'm going light blue and a deep ocean blue accent.

Oh...the boys -- that includes the toddler terror...who, while I was busy carefully edging around the ceiling (and hubby was carting in groceries) was in his room drumming on the paint can. You see -- Isaac was really worried that I'd "lose" his paint, so he had to have it sitting there on his bookshelf.  Well -- as toddler terrors go -- Adam is drumming away and I tell him to stop it (cause it was really annoying)  the next thing I know he comes walking out of the room with one blue foot and says "Messy".

I'm sure you can imagine the words that went through my mind.  They are not fit for the blogosphere!

That's right, folks, tiny terror managed to knock the can off of the book shelf (it's only a 2 shelfer), which resulted in the lid popping off and 4 gallons of paint spilled all over the floor!

What's a person to do??  Hubby whisks the child away and to the bathroom to wash off - then goes at the foot prints down the hallway.  I am sitting on the floor of the boy's room madly scooping up paint (with my hands!!) and dumping it back into the can.  I got about 3 gallons back in.
How can you get mad at this face??

Then, I get hubby to bring up the steam cleaner -- only to realize that the last person who borrowed it BROKE IT and didn't even tell me (thanks a lot chicky -- another reason that I'm happy that I've carved you out of my life!).  The thing would suck up water/spills but I couldn't get the water & cleaning solution to come out.  So -- There I am with a sucking only steam cleaner in one hand, and bucket after bucket of water to throw onto the carpet with the other.

It took me an hour and a half to get the paint out.  And I didn't even get it hour and a half!!

Good thing that Adam's cute -- other wise something terrible could have happened!!


FlyBabySHE said...

First of all, I'm thinking it was a four-quart can of paint...LOL..however, I'm sure there was PLENTY to spread on the carpet!! As Bill says.."At least he said something!"

Hethr said...

uh...yeah... 4 quarts. Duh! *blush*

Crystal said...

All in the day of the life of a mom...and stuff. ;)

Keahn said...

I would have decided that footprints down the hallway were the theme for the next several years. Then I would have carried it through to their bedroom, by having the other kids come in to place feet and hands in the paint. The whole room would have been hand- and foot-prints on the floors, walls, and ceiling. Then in the future whenever they wanted something I'd say either, "Follow the feet and get it yourself," or "Talk to the hand, Sweetie. Any hand will do."

Amena said...

LOL I just love that look on his face! At times where the lil one does something REALLY destructive, I find myself sitting back, staring at the mess, and then breaking into a crazy laugh. Totally surrendering to the mess.

Hethr said...

@ Keahn -- where were you when this happened? Why can't I think quickly?? That's why blogging is therapeutic for me; I can say what I want to say, yet have the time to think it through.

@ Amena - I totally agree -- surrender to the mess or surrender to the stress. Not much of an option! Plus -- how fun must that have been for him??

NanLT said...

One of the mottos I do try to follow in life. And sometimes I am successful:

If you're going to laugh about it in 10 years time, why wait.

Arooj said...

LOL... my heart just stopped when i read CARPET in the end. OMG... i would be crying and cleaning at the same time (not the first time either)

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