Aug 5, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

I don't really have anything that I could turn into an honest-to-God post, so be satisfied with this:
  • I am a horrible mom - yesterday I thought that my toddler ate breakfast with hubby while I showered, he thought he ate with me.  We didn't realize that he didn't have breakfast until he had an all out, screaming, flopping on the floor tantrum in the middle of Children's Place.  Poor kid!
  • Ikea rocks.  Yes, I love this store.  Plus, kids meals for $1.99 -- Adam ate every bit, and some of our food too! (Yes...guilty/horrible mom moment)
  • Outlet shopping -- it's the only way to go.  I bought about $1000 worth of clothes for about $300 -- sure, my kids will be wearing last season's clothing -- but if they don't like it they can start buying their own!
  • That whole McDonald's rant post is still ticking people off.  For the record - I have NO issue with McDonald's, I have an issue with daycare providers taking their charges to McDonald's.  Get over it people!  It's not a "slap to American culture".  America does NOT equal McDonald's!!  In fact, when I think of America this is what I picture in my mind:  Waving flags, Bruce Springsteen (♪♫I the USA ♫♪), the statue of Liberty, the white house....nope ...not McDicks.  Sorry peeps.
  • Having a house that's not filled with white walls is so...appealing.  I love colour (yes, I spell like a Canadian, get over it).  I love that I have the same furniture in the same house and yet feel like I'm in an entirely different space!
  • Vacation - time always goes too quickly for me.  Why doesn't the same thing happen when I'm working? seems that that's all that I can think of right now -- I'm off to check out a dinosaur park...will post later.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I still have never been to Ikea..well the closest one is like 3 hours from me. Can we see pictures of your newly painted walls?

Hethr said...

Hmm...before and after pics? I'll have to look and see if I can get before pics that don't have people who might be upset about being in them on the WWW...but afters -- why not??

Sparkling Motivation said...

Quite interesting... ^_^

Naomi said...

te he! the missing out on giving little one breakfast is so something i would do!

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