Aug 15, 2010

sleeping arrangements

So, the last few nights (more like the last few weeks) Adam has been toddling to my bed in the middle of the night.  He taps my arm while he sucks his thumb and looks all angelic.  I lay there and think I can get up out of bed and take him back to his bed x500 or, I can let him come into bed with us.  It's usually the second option that wins.

There's a problem with this option.  I get about 3 inches of sleeping space.  Hubby takes his side of the bed, Adam takes up 90% of my side, and I"m left sleeping on the edge (you know, that really hard outer seam).  It's unpleasant to say the least.  I'm a big fan of the co-sleeping/family bed -- whatever you want to call it.  It was absolutely FABULOUS while I was breastfeeding.  But I'm not anymore.  When you google "co sleeping" you get these beautiful pictures of parents peacefully sleeping with their babies.

It's so untrue.

The fact is, if a toddler climbs into your bed, you are faced with elbows in your back, knees in your unmentionables, and flying fists.  No wonder kids need to take naps, how can you get any rest while you flail about like a ninja all night long?

Last night, I'd had enough -- but felt bad because poor Adam was up with nightmares or teething pain or something.  All I know is that he was crying to the point that he got those cry-hiccup things.  Poor kid.  He finally fell asleep and I thought, "let him sleep!!"

Then, I soon had a knee in my back,  and fingers up my nose and morning breath smell blowing in my face.  So...I grabbed my pillow and went to sleep in HIS bed.

Why, dear readers, haven't I thought of this before?  Not only did I get a wonderful (remaining) night's sleep, but I didn't have to listen to hubby snore, or wake up when when turns over or fight over the bed sheet (I like it on, he doesn't -- it's an unending battle!).

I think that they had it right, back in the times of those 50s TV shows...separate beds means that I will wake up happy, refreshed, and actually feel like being a productive wife instead of a snarly freak.

I'm off to search for twin beds for me and my!  (just joking....sorta)


Erin said...

I have considered it myself....Ron says no. ;)

Meaghan said...

Howwwww does a 2-year old take up so much space?? I will never understand how something so small can become so large between midnight and 5 am...

Kylie's Mom said...

Ok, I posted but it disappeared!! I'll try again:

When I used to work in retail, I met this really nice elderly lady. She told me that after her kids moved out, she redid one of the bedrooms. She painted it pink, bought a new single bed and lots of flowery pink bedding. That's her room, and when she needs a night to herself she sleeps there. Her husband can snore all he wants without getting an elbow in the ribs in the middle of the night, and she can sit up and read as late as she wants to. I thought that was pretty cool.

Hethr said...

It absolutely makes sense! And I may just end up doing that once my children are gone...even once the oldest is gone from the house -- a peaceful night's sleep is totally worth the cost of a room makeover!

NanLT said...

My in-laws got twin beds for themselves a la Lucy and Ricky (TV couples slept in separate beds up until "The Brady Bunch" because American censors didn't think it appropriate that even married characters be seen in a bed together) just before I moved to the UK so that hubby and I could marry. They're still in the same room but they both much prefer it this way.

Have you considered getting a side rail that can fold down for your side of the bed? That way if little one comes in with you, you could reach down and pull the side rail up, and he could sleep on the edge while you sleep in the middle.
Side rail This is the one we had.

OH - my hubby swears up and down that while ours slept with us he only had 6 inches of bed to sleep on each night. More like he had 50%! I slept in the middle because he managed to get a foot in the groin one night when he forgot to roll over the other direction to sleep.

Hethr said...

No -- no need for a bed rail, I have no fear of him falling out of bed -- the fact is, there is simply not enough room in our bed for us all. Plus, I'd like a knee/foot/elbow free night.

Spent another night in Adam's bed. Another good sleep (but not nearly long enough)...

Elena said...

My daughter was sleeping in her own bed all the time even while being breast-fed. But when my husband started working afternoon shifts (about a year ago), she moved into a queen-size bed with me. I absolutely love it! We can get ready for bed together, watch a show, snuggle, and my baby falls asleep in my arms (they grow so fast, don't they?). And when I am ready to sleep, I just move her over on "her" side and have a marvelous sleep. David doesn't get home till after midnight and sleeps in the guest bedroom, commonly known as "Daddy's bedroom"... He says, though, that when she goes to school, he is moving back into "Mommy's bedroom" :D

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you mentioned this heather! Every since we came back from holidays my 2 year old son keeps crawling into our bed! He decides it is time to play and I usually get a helicopter (or truck) to the face (with son saying look mom, a truck)or a body leaping on me just as I fall asleep. The battle to get him back to sleep (in his bed or mine) usually takes several feet to my ribs or head butts (from him) to any part of my person while he flops around for the next 2-3hrs. I finally got him to his own bed the other night only to wake up with his feet in my ribs again at 5am. I am so glad that I am not the only one suffering from "toddler" sleep!

Sarah said...

I'm mean and I make my daughter (4) sleep on the floor. We have a no kids in the bed rule - we will cuddle and comfort them but if they want to stay they get the floor. We keep extra blankets and pillows in there ready for the kids and if they feel the need that's where they come. They're happy and we get a decent night's sleep. After years of kids in our bed (4 kids) our reasoning was that if we made it reeeeallly uncomfortable it would be less tempting to sneak into bed with us. Totally worked on everyone but the youngest who is happy as a clam on the floor and sleeps on there probably 5-6 nights a week!

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