Aug 25, 2010

Life with toddlers

So, my own toddler is exactly 5 months older than my chosen child (daycare boy) here.  They are both in the "what/why" stage.  Yay me.

This is a small example of how my day goes:

Wake up, shower, get dressed.
Enjoy the calm before the storm.

Adam (my toddler) wakes up and usually says:
"What doin' mommy?"
"What this?"
"What [daycare children's name] doin?"
"What that?"
Daycare toddler arrives and usually says:
"where doody (blankie)?"
"what this?"
"Where Iman/Isaac/Adam?"
"What eatin'"
"what doin'"

Repeat the above questions incessantly until nap time.  Enter relative silence for 2 hours.  They wake and repeat the above questions for another 3 hours, interspersed with fights over toys or space on my lap.

Repeat daily.


Nina said...

My Adam (3yrs) is at the selfish stage everything is his and if anything is not how he wants it then it's off to his room to sulk
I feel for you dealing with two toddler boys I would run away probably
On a serious note mashaAllah for your boy's inquisitive mind :)

FlyBabySHE said...

I suppose you don't want to hear that the questions just get harder...LOL When my oldest was about 4, he started coming up with some "real" questions..... "What do trees eat?" "Why do kitties have fur?" "What is time?" "Why is the fridge cold?"

NanLT said...

Where do babies come from?

Why don't you have a penis?
(He was worried I'd lost mine)

What would happen if there was no oxygen?
('We'd die' is apparently not an acceptable answer)

With the younger 2, I am looking forward to the teen years when they stop talking to me for a while!

Crystal said...

OMG. I feel your pain.

I especially love the "What is that thing?" [pointing to some random object in the middle of 38 million other objects] question....

Liam's response to absolutely EVERYTHING is "Why?" And yes, I find myself saying with increasing frequency, "Because I said so!"

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