Aug 10, 2010

The Faith Club -- last chapters & FInal Thoughts

Finally -- finally done.  I literally have nothing to say about the last two chapters.  One talks about faltering faith -- but I think that they need to remember that because you are faithful does not always mean you are full of faith. It ebbs and flows.

Did I like this book?  No.

Would I recommend this book?  Yes...if you have nothing else in the world to read.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  All of the cereal boxes are in the recycle and the nail polish instructions are blurred??  Okay, then pick it up.

Am I thankful that I read this book?  Surprisingly, yes.  I was at a bit of a crisis in my faith when i started this...not really where I wanted to be.  I was worried that it may bring me further down...however my anger with nearly every word that Ranya printed helped to bring out what I really believed and has given me strength.  For that, I am extremely thankful.

All in all -- it's a crap shot.  Some good bits, yes, but most was pointless.  I think that this could have been very much condensed....VERY much.

They started out looking to make a book for children about interfaith, which they never did.  I, however, have one.  I recommend it highly.  It makes me cry every time - and it was worth every penny.  It is a true interfaith book, talking about all sorts of faiths, all sorts of people and everyone getting along.  It's written by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and I was a little worried that it would be too Christian (for lack of a better word) for my kids, but it's great.  Great, Great, Great.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Like people I think books are brought into people's lives by God for a reason :)

Erin said...

I'm finished it, I finished it 10 minutes ago.

I didn't enjoy the book, except the last couple of chapters ( not just because I was done). I thin that they were authentic, and I've wanted more of that.

I still don't have a Faith to call my own....maybe, like Suzanne, I have a Universalist streak....

Even though I didn't enjoy the book, I'm glad I read it....for no other reason than I learned a little more about different Faiths.

Hethr said...

C - Walakyuma Salam -- So very true.

Erin -- I agree -- you don't have to like it to be glad that you read it.

Keahn said...

(repost w/ an addition at the end)

I will say that the overall intention of the women in writing this book is worthwhile, even though I think it could have been a heavier, deeper read. That said, I believe it's a good, light introduction to the faiths. It's a place for some people, who are not really inclined to read deep theological books of faiths other than their own(some of my husband's family comes to mind), to at least be exposed to the similarities we all share in our faith journeys. With that, it may cause the chip on their shoulders to actually wobble and decrease some of the arrogance & smugness attached to ideas they carry about their religion / faith being the only true path to God.


A good example is a FB application that my daughter's mother-in-law, who claims to be Christian, and who my daughter seems to believe exudes "a spiritual collectiveness that ALL Filippinos have," wherein they are so accepting of others, shared on FB today.

It is a poll that asks:

And it is accompanied by a thumbnail photo of Osamba bin Laden.

THIS is woman who might actually gain some insight from a book like THE FAITH CLUB. Little minds need little books to read so they don't explode from common-sense overload (no, I won't apologize for this remark).

I was very tempted to blast a comment, but chose to pose a question of my own. So, my comment?


I'm curious to see if she actually answers my question and I'll shape my reply accordingly.

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