Jan 16, 2011

Momtuition strikes again!

You know how you have that "momtuition" that lets you know when something's just not right with your kid?  Well, it was blaring at me this morning.  I woke up, cleaned up my daycare room - and it stayed clean.  That was sign number 1.  Adam didn't have breakfast, that was sign number 2.  We went out to the mosque, and as per usual, stopped by Tim Horton's for coffee and doughnuts (hot chocolate for the kids) after prayer.  Adam didn't touch is doughnut (sign 3), didn't freak when we cut it in half and split it between Iman and Isaac (sign 4) and only drank about half of his hot chocolate (sign 5).  We're driving in the car and Moe had to stop at Home Depot -- I say "Adam's sleeping, I'll just wait in here with him." -- 15 minutes later, Moe gets out and we head for home.  Less than 5 minutes from the house - Adam wakes up spewing vomit all over the back seat.  All over himself, the carseat, the floor and his sister.  It was N-A-S-T-Y.

I should mention that the weather here right now is in the -30s.  Before we could get through the intersection, the sudden rise in the humidity level of the car causes the inside of the windows to go foggy.  We are driving with the windows open and our fingers plugging our noses, Adam is wailing and freaking out because he's got puke on his mitten, Iman is valiantly trying not to gag as she tries to ignore the bits of vomit on her jacket, legs and boots...and Isaac was playing his DSi.

We get home and go into full "family team" mode - Moe takes the puke-covered Adam out of the care and into the house to get cleaned up, Iman organizes a pile of "this stuff's been puked on" for me to put into the wash - and Isaac hauls in the bags of "rescued items" and my purse.  Meanwhile - I run and grab some Mr. Clean and a spray bottle and go back to the car -- I see that there are two good things that have happened.  1. 90% of the puke is on the carseat itself, 2, most of the rest is on the floor mat of the back seat -- this is good as both can be pulled out and washed.

However, there is bad in this too -- You see - taking out a carseat that has just been covered in what seems like 2 liters of vomit is tricky -- it leaks and spills out of little crevices that you don't even know are there.  Thank GOD for leather seats!  Also -- trying to wipe down things like this when it's -30 outside is next to impossible -- the spray is frozen before it even hits the acquired targets!  Once it lands, you've essentially got a Mr. Clean slushie to clean up with.

Then comes the carseat itself -- trying to take the cover off of the carseat and attempting to recall how you did it way back in the day when he was just a baby (also - suddenly realizing how big he's gotten that there's only another 1 1/2 years left on the seat itself) - wow.  I finally remember where I stuffed the manual for it - go about unhooking little elastics from places that only elves and fairys could possibly have placed them, and try not to gag as the scent of curdled hot chocolate wafts up to me at every moment.

In the end - the car seat was cleaned, so was the car.  Poor Adam was sick all night long and still showing signs of it today -- gotta love flu season.


Erin said...

Winter puke.....been there, and, have happily not returned for awhile. Hope he's on the mend.

NanLT said...

poor little tyke

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