Jan 24, 2011

The Pasta War

There's a certain someone in my family who doesn't like it when I write blog posts about him - so let's just call him...uh...Mr. Delusional (and that's oh so fitting for this post)

Mr. Delusional is a little picky with things.  For example - he doesn't like left-overs.  At first, I thought that he was just being a big whiny baby - but after spending some time with Mr. Delusional's mother, I realized it's because she'll make a giant batch of food and then the family will eat from that food until it's gone.  Yeah.  So, growing up like that, I can see where Mr. Delusional's loathing for leftovers comes from.  So now, I either make smaller meals without planning for left overs - or make a large meal and freeze the left overs for eating at another time (ps - Do NOT make Mr. Delusional aware of this time and sanity saving trick of mine!!)

I think that the meal-of-the-week thing is the same reason why my husband doesn't like certain pastas.  If he sees a macaroni shaped noodle - he will not eat it.  But this is where our argument comes to a head...

You see - Mr. Delusional thinks that each pasta shape is made from a different recipe -- as if the ingredients somehow affect the shape of it. One day, I'd planned on making cannelloni -- but realized I didn't have any cannelloni noodles - so I made large stuffed shells instead.  He thinks it tastes different.  He thinks that spaghetti has a different flavour than linguini.

No amount of evidence has convinced him yet.

Yesterday - I wasn't feeling well, so made a simple supper...A nice baked talapia with some cellentani noodles tossed with a garlic butter.  But -- he didn't like the "taste" of those noodles.  I guarantee you that if I had made it with a vermicelli or linguini, he'd have chowed it down.

I've even showed him this video and he still doesn't get it. Why are men so stubborn??


Athena said...

For my lil miss picky.. it is a texture thing... She will NOT eat spaghetti. Use the same sauce over say lasagna or tortellini, fine.. and loves macaroni.. but no way will she bring a spaghetti noodle to her mouth

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Get a guy at work to tell him its the truth. Only guys at work are infallible...(rolls eyes).

asmaa17 said...

My mum does the same thing with food. She makes a lot, and then freezes whatever is left over so it can be taken out another time when no one is bothered to cook/order takeaway/go out to eat. And no one will ever know =)

Erin said...

Oh geez....it all tastes the same! That's where my darling husband would be making his own dinner.
I am very lucky though, he's not picky....the kids are another story.

Elena said...

I agree with Mr. Delusional :)
I believe that the taste of food depends on it's shape. It may seem weird, but it does!
I remember I was working in the restaurant and was making my signature dish - borsch. I asked for a big chunk of beef, and got a pre-cut little pieces. It didn't taste the same at all.
I think the way we cut the ingredients influence the taste of food - that is why if two people make the same dish it tastes different.
Macaroni is the worst of all pastas - tastes like... nothing.
I vote for Mr.Delusional. Sorry, Hethr :(

Susan said...

I agree with Mr. Delusional. Not all past taste the same! I LOVE angel hair pasta, I HATE (with a passion that incites rage) linguine noodles. Vermicelli is amazing, bows and rigatoni noodles are gross. Mini or regular shells are perfectly acceptable.

I'm just saying hethr, Mr. Delusional is right on this one!


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