Jan 13, 2011

Just call me Mrs. Brady -- why are you laughing?

So, I'm on a new kick...I wonder how long it will last.  I have a fairly clean home (except for the never ending dust - God how I hate dusting!) and have been keeping on track with my cleaning routine (thanks to Flylady - if you've never heard of her, you may just curse me) and have been cooking relatively decent suppers thanks to a whole lot of cook books (my favourites are Company's Coming, but I've got tons of different ones).

Kitty Forman - She's like a super happy version of me
Why doesn't my family appreciate this though?  Monday I made a Hungarian Stew, it was good -- but my picky kids wouldn't eat it.  Actually, Adam was digging right in until Isaac said "I....don't really like this" Then all hell broke loose and no one wanted to eat.  It makes me want to scream when I go to the effort of cooking and no one eats it.  Moe and I ate it (really, it was good!) ...and then were "mean" because we wouldn't let the kids eat cereal instead of the perfectly fine meal on their plates.

Tuesday I made Pastito - I love pastito...you get pasta without a typical Italian pasta taste -- likely because it's more of a Greek dish.  It was heavenly -- and again, Adam was happily chowing away when the older two "didn't like" it.  I nearly stabbed them with my fork.  Again, they went to bed with "nothing good" to eat.  Whatever.

In anger - last night I refused to make anything.  Yup, I let them gorge on cereal...what do I care?  I was mean and nasty and grumpy all day (but damn, my house was clean -- because I didn't give up on that!).  Then I started feeling bad -- these are growing kids, they need more than carbs and milk to get through the day.  So, I went onto Allrecipes to find a nice healthy and hearty breakfast for them.  I chose an oatmeal - it's cold here, I thought it would warm their bellies and stick to their ribs.  I wake up and gather the ingredients (this one had egg -- odd, no?) I happily am stirring away and the kitchen is smelling like a warm cinnamon hug....it was great.  I spoon the oatmeal into their eagerly awaiting bowls...they take a bite....and -- you guessed it "I don't like it"

And I'm a bit like Lois on my bad days...
I was enraged, but quietly made my own bowl....this stuff was NASTY.  The people on the site all gave it a near 5/5...what the hell were they on?  It was friggen disgusting!!  I've made my own porridge/oatmeal before - and it was delicious...this was the equivalent of hospital grade oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon.  *gag*

So - I've decided that I'm done trying to be Mrs. Brady -- I'll settle for Kitty from That 70's Show with a side of Lois from Malcom in the Middle.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

lol my kids are like that too, if one says something wrong it ruins it for everyone. Didn't I forbid them from negative remarks? Maybe you should let them go through your cookbooks and pick something out and then make them help you make it so they can really appreciate it. Cooking is hard work and its painful to see your work of art criticized worse than any food critic.

Elizabeth said...

LOL LOVE THIS! I have the same feeling sometimes. I have pretty much given up and just make chicken and rice with a side of lettuce and tomato for suppers anymore.

Erin said...

Oh, yes, I've been there. But, I'm super mean.....eat what I make, or wait until breakfast and hope you like what's on offer. They may not love it, but, they'll choke down enough of whatever it is so they can have a bedtime snack.
That oatmeal sounds a little nasty...an egg???? Hmmmm.......
By the way, I have adopted a couple of descipline techniques form Lois on Malcolm in the Middle....who said TV is a waste? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha I do the same thing as Erin and they'll suffer just for the bed time snack :p I also let my oldest help cause then he'll eat it. Children and their thanklessness

Anonymous said...

Great post, and what is pastito?

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