Jan 8, 2011

Welcome to reality

I hate this picture SO much
Why is it that we can blissfully ignore what is right in front of our faces until we see it in a picture.  Things like mess on the floor -- you don't really notice it, but then you take a picture of your kid and see crap all over the place and think "I can't show this to anyone!" and clean before taking more.

The same thing happens with your weight.  I've seen it on TV and never really understood it.  Those commercials for weight loss where the guy says "I knew I was big, but didn't realize how big I was until I saw a picture..."

Well folks, it's happened to me.  Yes, I saw the doughy roll forming around my middle.  Yes, I noticed that I moved from my sexy jeans to my fat jeans....and then to my sweat pants because even the fat jeans were too tight.  Yes, I saw my thighs getting bigger and bigger and didn't really recognize the person that I saw in the mirror as the person that I see in my head.

But, reality hit me well and true yesterday when I took a series of pictures of myself (outside in the snow to send to a friend overseas who misses it dearly).  I could NOT get a picture that didn't have a double chin.  No amount of neck stretching would do it.  And it hit me -- if my face is getting chubby - what's the rest of me looking like?  With blinders removed from my eyes, I saw me in a new light...and am not really liking what I see.

So, after weeks of telling myself I'm getting up to exercise - I DID IT.  I also logged onto my sparkpeople account for the first time in a long time to track my weight/measurements and food.  And I'm going to keep accountable on the Facebook Group that I made (because so far, it's just been excuses as to why I'm not doing anything).  Also -- I'm putting my plans out here for you all too -- Keep me on track, peeps!

I'm sick of feeling so lethargic and unmotivated.  I'm tired of the rolls and the pain of tight waist bands.

My Goals:
  • I am going to do the Shred for 3 days in a row, followed by 1 day of Yoga Meltdown
  • I am going to eat whole/healthy foods
  • I am going to actually drink water (A major weakness of mine, I don't like water and am lucky if I get 1/2 a glass in a day)
  • I am going to cut down on the sugars and starchy foods
  • I am cutting out coffee (le gasp!)
  • I am going to be positive -- This doesn't mean I can't still have a snarky attitude and maintain my wit -- no --- I'm just going to also see the good in ME instead of the bad.

Who's joining me??


Erin said...

I can do most of it, but replace Bob with the Shred....but coffee, nope, I'm putting my foot down there. I need my coffee, I just drink soy milk in it instead of cream. :)
The water, argh, I am so bad with it too.

Catriona said...

I will join you. But please don't give up coffee. Limit yourself to 2 cups per day then water and tea. That is what I am planning on doing. I have to start the shred again and want someone who dislikes her as much as I do. I will motivate you if you motivate me

Anonymous said...

I'm joining you too. I just watched my wedding video and cant believe how much I've put on in 2.5 years :-(
I started the gym yesterday and the shred tomorrow. I don't care if I burn BURN BURNNNN!!!
*sigh* I don't like fat me :-(

Elena said...

Yey! Heather is back!
I am sorry you feel that way about yourself. I am with you all the way! If you need an emergency contact in case you are facing a piece of cheesecake - you can count on me any time!

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