Jan 4, 2011

The Dishwasher Bandit strikes again!

Yup, it was almost a year ago that I had issues with my dishwasher that my wonderful husband tore my dishwasher to bits and fixed it.  This time, only the dishes on the top rack weren't coming out clean. I figured that it was blocked by bits of corn or something (why is it that corn doesn't get mashed to bits in the little garburator?  What's so magical about corn?  Mind you, it does come out of a human looking much the same as it goes in, doesn't it?)

Well, after days of nagging that finally ended in threats asking politely hubby finally listened took it upon himself to fix it.  Out came the racks, the spinner blade thing (yes, I'm very technical, aren't I?) and other bits and bobs to look for the offending blockage.  It only occurs to me now that I should have taken pictures.  Oh well...I'm sure that there will be a next time.

First thing that we find is a pen for a DSi.  For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, a Nintendo DSi  is a little gaming system (think Gameboy, only modern) -- they have these stupid little stylus/pens that get lost all the time.  I think that this is how Nintendo makes it's money... Anyhow -- first we find a white stylus...then a few date pits...and olive pit or two, a red stylus...Donatello's mangled forearm...and finally a black stylus.

So, as hubby pulls each item out - he's grumbling louder and louder.  After retrieving the last stylus, he shouts, "Who put these things in here?"  To which Adam excitedly replies "Oh, Me, Me!  I did it, daddy!!"

Please don't ask me how these items got into my dishwasher without me noticing.  I have no idea myself, and quite frankly, I don't pay all that much attention to the inside of it.  I just load it and turn it on.  Silly me, forgetting that I have the modern equivalent of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes running amok in my house -- I should know better than to assume that things will be running "normal" in my house.


Erin said...

Oh, those little stylus thingies drive me nuts! I have yet to find one in my dishwasher....maybe that's where they've all disappeared to!

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Love how your son is so proud to 'fess up,lol. Olive pits and date pits; you know you're married to an arab when....

Tina S said...

OMFG!!! I had to read this to Jeff because he was looking at me like I had completely lost my mind when I was reading it and laughing like a mad woman!!! Wouldn't you know it that he had a good chuckle and wandered down to our dishwasher to make sure that ours was CLEAR of all stylus'!! And when Kira asked what he was looking for (as she was holding her ds and stylus in hand) he quickly said NOTHING!

between here and 50 said...

Oh, the stylus...they are always getting lost, and maybe I should check the dishwasher??

NanLT said...

Reason number 4 to not have a DSi.

Oh wait, I also don't have a dishwasher.

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