Jul 29, 2010

It's that time again...

Yes, it's time again for another post about my mom and her awesomeness. I love my mom (and you'll see I mention that clearly in the last "I love my mom" post)

Okay -- so this time, my mom took my kids for the weekend again -- back to the camping spot - but this time, there were no cat tails to bring home and no freak outs over fuzzies in the bathroom.

Nope, she decided to give me a present for finishing school (well, I'm almost done, it counts!!) -- she bought me pyjamas -- Dr. Seuss pajamas to be precise.  I am in love with the good doctor.  Yup, I have a secret little fantasy of the cat in the hat visiting me.  I have dreams of Seussical proportions...yes...I'm odd, but can you imagine that?  I dream in Dr. Seuss!!!  My phone message, for goodness sake, is inspired by Seuss...

So, the pj's were lovely.  I planned on actually wearing the top as a shirt (it's just a v neck t-shirt) and perhaps giving the boxer shorts to my son/daughter.

Yesterday, I pull the thing out of the bag, rip the tag off in elation and....squeeze myself into it.

I wonder if I'm getting fatter or if fashions are getting slimmer.  Oh well, I'm happily wearing my "One fish, Two fish" shirt and as long as I don't breath, I'm okay, right??

Later in the night, I go to show my husband the cute little outfit mom got me.  I  tried to put on the boxers that came with it.  Did you read that right?  I tried.  I could barely pull them up over my hips (yes, I have what my aunt calls "birthing hips" but still -- these were TIGHT!) They were so tight that they ended up turning into what most might call "booty shorts" -- I was scared to pass gas, I thought I might injure myself!

Hubby, very smartly, says not a word.

I peel the pants off and dig through my garbage can for the tag.


Now -- I'd like to think that my mom thinks that I'm that small....but a part of me knows that my mother is well aware that I'm not.  I'm lucky, extremely lucky if I can get away with a medium (especially over those birthing hips!) and usually buy a large to feel comfortable.  But a SMALL??  Really, mom??

I'm guessing that mom was so excited about buying me Seuss jammies that she just dug through until she found a pair that she thought I'd like and didn't even look at the tag.  That's it, right mom??  Because if she bought me these things to inspire me to get back on the Shred Bandwagon -- well...that worked, too.


Brad said...

You're lucky. When mom buys me boxers, she gets me extra large. I'm not "the comic book guy" anymore :P

Tina S said...

So, did you say to your Mom, "A person's a person, no matter how small, but those booty shorts aren't for this ass at all!"

C said...


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