Jul 5, 2010

Food, family and fun

You know, I really should start bringing a camera along with me so that my documentation of the things in my life have a little....life in them.

Anyhow -- this weekend was a weekend filled with Family.  First, it was my Dad's birthday -- we had a little BBQ at his place -- just a few of us there, but the kids had a blast, I got to spend time with my dad, and he got ice cream cake (oh, and I had roasted Marshmallows...mmmmmm).  Good times. I almost forgot about this -- because it was originally planned for his actual birthday day, but then was moved.  However, I was still able to make it there in time without feeling too terribly guilty.

The next day we had dinner at my husband's family's place.  Now, I want to preface this by saying I love this family. I really do!  So "Uncle Teddy Bear" as my kids call him, called me and invited us for supper, I originally said no (because it would have interfered with my dad's birthday supper -- but with dad's supper moved to Saturday, I called to let him know I'd be coming).  "That's great!" he says.  "What time should I come?" I ask.  He says "Oh, we'll eat around 5 or so."

Alrighty then!

So...on Sunday, I do a little putzing around my house, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, laundry -- the usual.  3pm comes, I get my kids changed and head to the grocery store.  I bought a bouquet of flowers to give to "Uncle Teddy Bear" and a jug of milk for my own house.  I return home to put the milk back, and take the long way to "Teddy Bear's" house.  I arrive shortly after 4.

Now -- in my mind, this is an appropriate arrival time, I mean, it's enough time to visit for a bit, offer to help out, and then eat.  Personally, i find it rude when you invite someone for dinner and they arrive in time to take off their shoes and sit at the table.

But I forgot one important thing.  We were going on Arab time.

You see -- my husband is notoriously late.  Like ALL THE TIME.  So much that he made up a little song after my constant nagging of "you're always late" and he would sing "alllllways late...do do do do...."  (yeah, you can't hear the tune, but you get the point).  His brother is the same.  He'll often call me and say "Hey, I'm gonna stop by your house in 5 minutes..." and I know that I've got 1/2 hour at least.  I thought that this was just a trait of my husband and brother in law....but apparently, it also extends to everyone else other than me!

I showed up shortly after 4...we visited for a bit...we waited.  5 came and went...still no one else showed (there were probably another 10 guests or so)...6 came and I had at that point become very good at holding up the wall -- because the lovely ladies working in the kitchen wouldn't let me help.

I don't recall, but I think we ate about 630 or so...maybe even closer to 7.  All I know is I was nearly faint (joking)....

As usual, the food was fantastic, the family was great and we all had fun.  I just felt a little pesky showing up "so early" to the dinner that I was told would be at 5!!

By the way -- Asma, one of the fabulous hostesses of the evening, had the most fabulous hair style....(okay, I said it...where's my $5 Asma???)



NanLT said...

Pagans work the same way. Most of us refer to time as being part of Pagan Standard Time - meaning things will actually start 2 or 3 hours after the indicated starting time.

C said...

Masha Allah you have family and in-laws to do things with. I would take that even if it was late.

Hethr said...

@ NanLT - love it...Pagan Standard Time!

@ C - :( If I lived close enough to you, we would welcome you and your gaggle of children to all our family outings!

C said...

That would be awesome Heather!

Erin said...

Being late drives me up the wall ( control issues??? maybe). Sounds like a good night overall though! ( did you get your $5?)

Kylie's Mom said...

Ha! My sister's Palestinian husband has a watch...I'm not sure why lol. His family is so laid back and they're late for everything, but when they get there is when the true party starts. They're throwing their arms around you to tell you how much they missed you and begging you to eat their delicious food, which they brought rediculous amounts of. I love them all :) .

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