Mar 11, 2011

Thank GOD, it's Friday!

I have had a rough week.  Sometime in the middle of Sunday night, someone came and switched out my kids.  They took my lovely, sweet, (rather) well behaved children and replaced them with fight-picking, screaming, whining demons.

Why?  Why did this happen?  I have absolutely no patience for it.

Adam's been rude and mean and pushing/swatting/shouting at everyone and everything if he doesn't get his way.
Isaac has been defiant (so out of character for him) - and Iman's been both clingy and screaming for her own space.

I'm tired.  I'm frustrated.  I have a bunch of homework to do, I have to finish preparing for my trip to Mexico and I have the homework that's associated with that as well.  I really want these last few weeks away from my kids to go nice and smooth....but it's not.

I'm just praying that we'll ground ourselves this weekend and start fresh on Monday.


Rori said...

Ain't motherhood a BLAST? I'll tell you the same lame thing people tell me "This too shall pass"....Blessings for a better week next week!

Tina.S said...

oh my dear dear friend!!!! I could not agree with you more!! I have been trying so hard to remain positive about the weather and such BUT my own children are bringing me DOWN!! It isn't so much the teenager BUT the 7 year old!!!!! I feel like all I do is fight and argue with her. Everytime I look in the mirror I can see more gray hair!! I could be one of those computer ads for aging!! More gray hair and wrinkles...ALL from one child!!
I thought, "lets take the kids to Mexico as a family holiday" and now I am thinking the kid is going to have me thrown in jail while we are there because I'm going to lose it!!
If these kids have ONE more inside recess and come home with pent up energy I am going to drop my 7 year old off at the principals house one night, the assistant principals the next and then her teachers. I love my daughters more than life itself BUT OH...MY..GOD!!! Give me a BREAK!!!!!!!

natkay said...

You said you love to be pregnant again, but Man ...i think ad long as they are babies, no prolem but when they become older,,,they are hard to handle and mothers like you need breaks,,,,,But anyways..insaAllah one day you will kids be groown up and they will be taking care of themselves inshaALlah...and you will be free then, and to be mentioned that i only have 1 four month old..but i love babies..i mean i love love love them..but can't afford them dear

SarahShakil said...

lol i remember your hijab tutorial on you tube, it made me chuckle cause the kids were fighting over goldfish! As a mother of two boys i can sympathise with you! (i hope i spelt it right!)They fight like cat and dog and bellow at the tops of their voices to a pitch that i couldnt even go! :D

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