Mar 22, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break is coming.  Just 4 more sleeps.  Grandma has promised to take my lovely, sweet, innocent children.  All three of them.  She offered to do it for the whole week.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Now, I'm going to pretend that grandma doesn't read this blog and just write what I need to say.  So, Grandma - Close your eyes, exit the page, or just fain innocence when you see my lovely offspring.

They are fighting.  My daughter is very much a girl and fights with venomous words spat out in anger, while my son is very much a boy and uses his fists.  I'm not happy with either - but also realize that they are siblings, and as such, they will fight.  Meanwhile, Adam screams and whines and cries to get his way.  All in all, I'm running on that last little thread that's holding me together with sanity...and they're bringing scissors.

So, in an act of desperation, I called my mom for help.  She says "Tell them that Grandma says that they can't come if they don't behave -- put a star on the calendar so that I know...."

Well - this is all well and good, but they don't seem to give a rat's behind.  But -- I'm so close to digging burial plots in the back yard that I'm willing to lie to my lovely mother in order to have a little bit of peace in my life.  I'm THAT stressed.  Right now, I feel like a failure as a mom.


Erin H said...

*hugs* are an awesome mom. Our kids just seem to have a way of grating on the last nerve of sanity at the worst of times!! Totally going through the same thing here. K is defiant and has an attitude to match a 16 yr old, A is whining and crying to get everything, and well R is still a perfect baby so no complaints there ...yet ;)

Erin said...

Not a failure. Those of us that live in these colder climes start to feel a little frayed this time of year.....I like to call it "Shack Wacky"....we've all been trapped indoors, seen the sun hardly at wears a mama down. I love my kiddos....but I'd hand them off to Gramma and Grampa in a heartbeat! Hang on, there is some light at the end of the tunnel......

FlyBabySHE said...

(1)You are not, not, not, NOT a failure as a mom...or anything else for that matter!!!
(2)It's "feign innocence" not "fain innocence" ..LOL
(3)I wish I had some great piece of wisdom about the all I can think when reading this entry is, "Thank god mine are grown up now!!!"

Hethr said...

lmao - I knew the "fain innocence" thing was was bugging me, but I couldn't figure out why! DUH! Hethr needs coffee!!

The Kurta's! said...

Are you going to have the week off from running the daycare as well? Well I hope you get the whole week to yourself, everyone needs a break now and then, even the best mothers:o) Sip some coffee, read a good book, and take a hot bath( I would even splurge with a bath bomb). Recharge yourself and then prepare yourself for the chaos once again.

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