Mar 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

I'm sure that I've mentioned before my love for all things Seuss.  I love his stories, I love his art.  I love the messages that many of his stories send, and I love, love, love that his writing still inspires young readers today.  Dr. Seuss books are fun, engaging and (in my untrained and personal opinion) help children learn to read without any effort.

Since today is his birthday (and it's almost over, yikes!), the kids and I decided to have a Dr. Seuss Day.  We started off by reading some of his books: my personal favorite is The Cat in the Hat, but we didn't leave out One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish or Fox in Socks (another one of my favorites!).  We played a Cat in the Hat inspired game called Cat in the Hat I Can Do That!- which is so cool and so much fun.  We had the kids as young as 2 and as old as 33 playing and laughing and winning (we all won, of course!)

However, the day just wouldn't have been complete without our Green Eggs and Ham - this is one of the first books I ever remember reading.  One magical day my own daycare provider was flipping through those pages saying "I am Sam.  Sam I am" and it just clicked.  A whole new world had opened up for me and I was hooked on books.

Anyhow - I digress.  We read (a very worn and tattered version) of the Green Eggs and Ham and then got down to the dirty business of making and eating our own green eggs and ham. eggs and turkey ham.

We started off with eggs...separated the yolks from the'll also need green food coloring (my picture is crooked, and I'm too darn lazy to fix with it peeps!)

Then, I added a few (4-5) drops of food coloring to the whites and mixed it up. (oops, another upside-down pic!)

I put the green whites into the pan, and then topped them with the yolks.

While the eggs were cooking, my daughter helped to paint the (turkey) ham...just a little food coloring and water (a few teaspoons).

Once it was all together, we had us a "Green Eggs and Ham" meal!! think on how to make something equally cool tomorrow.....


Tina.S said...

I love that you do this!!! I do this for supper every year on St. Patricks Day!!! For my Day home children I usually buy green bread and make them green grilled cheese sandwiches or I make them green Mac & cheese!!! You always have great ideas Heather!!!

Reyhana said...

as'Salamu alaikum! We love Dr. Seuss! When I was stateside a few years ago I bought my son several books and we read the heck out of them. Now he is starting to read them to me! JAK! I may have to try the green eggs though I don't know if I could eat them....LOL!

PrincessC said...

I love it! Tina, I love your St. Patty's Day ideas too! We love Dr. Seuss but I didn't know it was his birthday until you said something.

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