Mar 3, 2011

Please Advise my Fellow Daycare Providers

I am incredibly lucky to have absolutely wonderful daycare parents.  They are thoughtful, understanding and respectful.  What more could I ask for?  It has taken me 5 years to find families that fit well with me and my philosophies...but I have achieved just that.

Sadly, that's a rare case.  I have 2 friends right now who are also daycare/dayhome providers who aren't so lucky.  Friend #1, let's call her Tracy, has parents who are disrespectful.  They send their children to her care when they are ill -- I know that parents have a hard time taking the time off of work, but when you send your kid to your providers house sick, every other person in that house is exposed!  It's horrible!  The sickness spreads from child a to child b...then to the provider's child or the husband or the provider...the next thing you know even the cat is sick and all because the parent brought their kid in when they should have stayed at home.  

Tracy also has an issue with a parent who says her child is potty trained.  Tracy has yet to see the child use the toilet (or potty) in her home and is constantly cleaning up wet spots all over the place (even her brand new couch!!)  I don't even know what to say about this.  I've just gone through the potty training phase with Adam and my own chosen son -- sure they still have the occasional accident, but not to the point that I'm stuck with a home drenched in urine.

My other friend, who we'll call Elaine has parents who just walk all over her.  "Hey, would  you mind keeping my 18 month old baby awake all day today so he sleeps on the drive home?" -- do you think about what effect this will have on the other children in the home?  What about poor Elaine who works a 12 hour day with no break, and now you're asking her to keep a toddler awake all day long?  She also has issues with parents being late (like hours late), or "forgetting" things like shoes or jackets.  

I just don't understand.

Granted, I have never been the parent who's bringing their child to a dayhome, but still, I would certainly hope that I'd treat the person who is essentially raising my child during the day with a little respect.  Would these parents accept it if someone treated them this way?  I don't think so!  Do I just live in a fairy tale world where people "do unto others..."

What are your thoughts??  What advice would you give these providers (either as a parent to a provider, or as provider to provider).


Rori said...

Asalaam. I have never been a daycare provider (I"m not even that patient)...but this just seems like blatant bad manners to me. How about sending out to all families a (you can label it "new") statement of facility rules/business practices. It can be made to seem like it's all about the provider, not the parents who are being so rude. Than you can require that for continuation of services the policy is signed and returned...then when parents violate the policy, it can be pulled out and shown to them, with the appropriate action being taken at that time.
I have been a teacher, and I used to do this with the students AND their parents, so that ALL expectations/rules were very clear, and so were any infractions and the consequences thereby. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Asalam alikum, I have only had one at home day care provider and needless to say, yeah. I would always do everything I needed to do for my children before they got there. She would constantly have over her number of children. She would make my children sleep in playpens for nap time even tho they were well past that stage. On top of it she would not come downstairs to let them out if they needed to go to the bathroom. She would let them pee themselves and then yell at them before she let them out. Then they would be in trouble the rest of the day for it. I know it is hard having other people children and different sets of parents. I would send out sets of rules to the parents like Rori said before. And if they do not follow through with it then I would say good bye to them and their child(ren) no matter how much the child loved me.

Anonymous said...

Liz I am a dayhome provider and my goodness that it borderline abuse and if that is the case I would take your kid out of the dayhome ASAP not give them another chance. My kids all have beds they did at one time sleep in playpens however once they out grew them I put them into beds. As for yelling at them potty training can be a frustrating experience for anyone but it is suppose to be positive otherwise they aren't going to potty train at all. I am so sorry that you had a such a horrible experience and I hope your child is happier now. To anyone who believes the children aren't being properly treated use your gut parents know best sometimes you just need to pull your kids out. However I would almost report the dayhome for the stuff that she did to the poor kids. Kids can learn and grow properly unless they are in a positive environment to grow in. As for parents taking dayhomes for granted I have seen both I have had wonderful parents and I have had some that just don't understand the importance of proper apparell however I try to keep extras in my closet just in case. I have also had parents that think it is okay to have their kids come sick but it is in my contract and I send them home or call to have them picked up. It is important to keep a clean and healthy dayhome because I know if I have to take a sick day I affect every single family in my dayhome so it is a super rare thing I often work ill because I would already have been contagious long before I had the symptoms so unless I physically can't work, I work! Have a great day.

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