Oct 14, 2010

Wanna know what it's like raising sort of twins??

It seems that I complain that I lost my muse -- all the while she was hiding over at my friend's blog -- ask and you shall find!  You need to read the blog post that she wrote before you finish reading this....

Unlike Magz, I don't have real twins.  I have my "sort of twins"  My own toddler and his 4 month to the day junior playmate who's been in my dayhome since he was 6 months.  They have grown up together, loving, fighting, biting....they are more than friends, and sort of twins.

My sort of twins are at a time of exploring how they are both the same, or how they differ.

Adam will want a toy that O's playing with.  O will say: "no."  Adam will say "O's grumpy." to which O replies "no I not!" Then it begins: 
Adam: "Yes, you grumpy!" 
O: "No I not!" (growling)
Adam: "Yes, O, you grumpy!" growling back
This time, O is angry and is gonna let us all know.  He's so mad that he's shaking when he screams, "NO I NOT!!!"
And Adam, not wanting to be bested, screams back, "YES, YOU GRUMPY! I SAID YOU GRUMPY, YOU GRUMPY!!"

It will only be stopped by me physically removing one child from the other.  And then they will quickly realize that they have hurt the other's feelings.  Then it's:  

Adam: "I bring O his blanky, okay mommy?"
O will say: "Tank you, Adam."
We will sit, the three of us cuddling together, me drowning in blankets and ignoring the squirms and elbows that poke me in the ribs.  Then, O will say: "....Adam Grumpy right, mommy Hedr?"

And it starts all over again!


Meaghan said...

Yaaa! I love being a muse :) If you need more inspiration, I can just hop them up on Fruit Loops and espresso and drop them off for the afternoon LOL! Don't worry, they come with free tranquilizers...xo

FlyBabySHE said...

Waaaayyyyyy back in the dark ages before I had any kids, I wanted to have about 12 of them, including at least one set of twins. Then I had my first son, and by the time he was eight months old, I realized just how impossibly foolish I'd been to think I could ever, EVER manage that many!! By the time I was 25, I had a five yr old (gifted), a three yr old (speech impediment), and a one yr old daughter who had started walking just before she turned nine months. To say they kept me hopping would be an understatement!! Seven years later, I had a twelve yr old (still gifted, but becoming a sullen teen), a nine yr old (no more speech issues), and an almost crawling infant daughter. Yep...they still kept me hopping!

I have absolute admiration for those who choose to give of themselves by caring for others' children, and as for those who raise twins (or other multiples).....WOW!!!

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