Oct 29, 2010


Friends, I'm in pain...a lot of pain. In fact, I would say that pain is not the word for what I feel.  This is like the pangs of labor, that moment of no return when you're about to give birth where you hear the nurse say "I'm sorry, there's no time for pain meds...now push, sweetie."

Yeah - I have that pain -- but in my face.  The whole right side of my face feels like it's gone into some sort of strange face-labor that I will never fully understand.  I feel like it should be swollen...as if I've let George Foreman take a few shots at me -- but no - to my recollection, I haven't been in any boxing matches lately.

Instead -- I'm suffering from my own teeth.  Oh, I brush (and floss) regularly.  I eat (fairly) healthy and I make sure to take care of myself - but my body has betrayed me.  These stupid wisdom teeth of mine (yes, I get the irony) are out to get me.  You see, normal people's teeth grow up and out of their jaws at normal angles.  My teeth, however have chosen to do their own thing and grow perpendicular to all the rest.  Don't remember what perpendicular is??  I'll put a picture -- courtesy of studiodentaire.com

Yup...that's pretty much what my wisdom teeth look like.  And yes...it's as painful as it looks too.  I didn't know I suffered from this issue until about 4 years ago.  The dentist gave me an x-ray and said "Wow! That's a mean pair of teeth!"  I was blissfully unaware.  We set up an operation date -- yes, you read that right -- these babies are so impacted that I can't simply go to the dentist and have them pulled, it requires that I be knocked out, under anesthetic, closer to death than I've ever been...I'm thrilled.  But...my husband and I prepared to pay out the big $$ to do it -- then...I found out that I was pregnant. That put off the surgery for 2 years -- the nearly full year of pregnancy, and the full year of weaning that followed.  Then...fear set in. I ignore my dentist's calls.  I haven't seen her since the baby was about 6 months old.  I'm a fraidy-cat!

But the cold, hard, painful reality is hitting me now.  I need to get these things taken care of.  But when? How?  I was told I need 4-5 days recovery.  How am I gonna pull that off when I have 2 major assignments due every week in school?  What about my kids?  What about my chosen children??  Please -- can't this wait until after I'm done this semester???

Am I the only chicken out there?


Meaghan said...

Mouth recovery...relatively easy to take on compared to other recoveries. Just minimal talking and soft food. (But no formula drink bwahahaha!...sigh...)

I went to school the day after my wisdom teeth were out. Full surgery on all 4. Just lots of ice, T-3s and love to get better ;) TAKE THE PLUNGE! Eat pudding for days - it's bliss.

Amber said...

I am terrified of the dentist - and I've had 4 c-sections, and my gall bladder and tonsils removed.

This past January I visited the dentist after not going for over seven years. And I needed a couple fillings. And I considered getting them to knock me out for it. But I gathered up all my courage and just did it. And my teeth with new fillings hurt more now than they did before. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I was right about the dentist, right? LOL

Anyway, yes, I'm a chicken too. You are not alone!

Erin said...

Big Time dental phobic over here....did I ever tell you about the time the dentist pulled the wrong tooth when we lived there?
When we moved here, I had my remaining 2 wisdom teeth pulled.....I was awake.
Of course, I haven't been back since then.

Anonymous said...

nice post!

Kathy said...

It's really hard dealing with dental problems. Even when a single tooth hurts, your whole system hurts as well. I had a dental problem before, and it's almost the same case as yours. My wisdom tooth, and it really hurts so bad that I can't even sleep at night. Then that's the time I seek a
Jackson, TN dentist and helped me deal with my problem. What he did was he took my wisdom tooth off and I was relieved after wards. Jackson,TN dentists really did a great job in solving dental problems!

Hethr said...

lol - Kathy, does your husband work for this office?? I wish my tooth was so easy to just take off. Maybe someone will send me a large cheque (or Check to my american friends) so that I can simply get my wisdom teeth taken off and be relieved of the pain.

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