Oct 7, 2010

Things I learned about me

So, I'm doing homework -- which means that my eyes are moving down the pages of this dreadful text but my mind is wandering...and a blog idea comes into my mind.  Why, you ask?  Because as I sit and research, I find myself doing the same things over and over again.  I don't think it's normal...in fact, I think it's more evidence of my OCD (by the way, I'm neither making fun of people with OCD nor am I making light of it.  I really think I may have a tendency towards this disorder, but there is no official diagnosis)

  • When I sit at my desk, I always, and I mean always perch on one leg...usually the left...just folded under me.  I will stay in this position until there is no more feeling left in the leg.  I always complain of the pins and needles it causes.
  • When I want to go to a new web-page, or even just click the back button...I feel the need to scroll to the top of the current page I'm on.  I don't know why.  This is the action that actually inspired this post.  I cannot stop this habit.  I feel wrong if I don't do it.
  • I regularly ask hubby to make me a cup of tea to warm me up while I study (I study in my basement, usually at night, it gets chilly down here) - he does not know that I never drink this cup.  Sometimes I take a sip...maybe two but never more.  Don't know why I do this either...but somehow, it helps me.
  • I complain about my homework a lot, but the truth is, I like the challenge I get from it.
  • I am on facebook entirely too much for any sane person.  I even go onto facebook when I'm trying to do my homework, then get hopelessly distracted in it and loose a lot of time.  I've tied closing the window to it...but it never lasts for too long.
And, I 've finally come up with the inspiration that I needed for my assignment -- off to do homework.


NanLT said...

I always have a FB tab open on my browser while I'm writing. It gives me a distraction when my mind needs a break.

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