Oct 14, 2010

Oh Inspiration - where are you?

In case you all haven't noticed...I've been quiet lately.  I've lost my muse...I don't know where she went, but she has (I hope) temporarily vanished.

Oh - I'm not saying that there aren't things for me to write about.  My kids are, as usual, driving me crazy, my chosen children are not far behind...but there's nothing that jumps out and screams "blog about this!!" Which is what usually happens to me.

There's issues at school -- oh man, could I ever write about school -- but I'm not going to.  Not because they wouldn't make great posts.  They really would.  I have a lot of animosity and anger and resentment that's piling up because of one student.  I'd like to write if off as the misunderstandings that can happen via the emotionless internet -- and me just interpreting things differently than she's intending...but I don't think that's the case.  In fact, I think she is a bully hiding behind the relative anonymity of the screen.  However, that is as much as I will say on the topic because A) I have more integrity than that, and B) it's not going to help to make this molehill a mountain, and C) I'm not going to give this person any more attention than they deserve.

I've often brought into discussion the things that I'm learning at school -- but folks, this course is so god awful boring that I just want to tear my heart out.  It's horrible.  I cannot begin to express how dreadfully boring this class is.  Watching paint dry would be more exciting.  I. Hate. This. Course.

The weather's been gorgeous, so I can't complain about that.  I've got my house in relative order, so I can't complain about that.  I created a meal plan so that my family wouldn't be stuck eating cereal with no milk or pasta with ketchup because there is no sauce....I have to do this because the dreadfully boring class takes me hours and hours and hours of research with nothing to prove for it - not even an essay or a research paper.  Just a link (or two) sent to the instructor to prove that I do have google abilities.

Life is normal right now.  I did not realize this -- but normal is incredibly boring.  I think I thrive on the excitement that is chaos.  Sure, I complain about it...but I really enjoy it.  I need to find me some chaos.  Anyone know where I get some??


Jonnie said...

My brain is chaos. Come on in!

Kathy Grill said...

lol.... "normal" is painfully boring!! It's predictable and steady and hopelessly boring. It's the wild things that spark us, give us things to talk about, write about, think about. We get inspired when we get angry or excited. So, instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, tell us about your current pain in the rear. Change names and a few other details, add a little extra here and there, dress it up or dress it down, turn in in or out, whatever. But tell us about your course, your teacher, the students, everything. Your holding back on telling is what's holding you back on your inspiration. So... let loose!! Let's have it!! You might even have a little novel on your hands once you're done!! Bonus!! :)

Erin said...

I think Jonnie is on to something. Maybe your muse is waiting for you to let 'er rip.

Akeela said...

I do very much empathise! I have been desperately in search of inspiration since I graduated from university last year and it continues to evade me. Apparently, the trick is to write something, anything - whether it be good or bloody awful and somewhere along the line, inspiration will find you (insh'Allah).

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