Oct 8, 2010

My son...the diva

So, I've been really worried about my middle guy.  He was withdrawn and not really paying attention in school; really, just not himself.

I went into the school to see if maybe he was getting picked on.  No body has noticed anything, but the teachers assured me that they'd be on alert.  I talked to my daughter, and even popped into his old kindergarten teacher to see if she had any insight.  Nothing.  Couldn't figure out what the deal was.

Then, I did the massive cleaning thing because of my freak out about the bed bugs.  I cleaned everything in my house -- including (obviously) his bed sheets.  Put the bed back together -- it has a reversible comforter, one side is navy, the other is a smokey blue.  I think it looks better navy side up.  Isaac walks in as I'm putting the sheets on the bed and says "please but the other side up, mom!"  and I said "sure, whatever"

His reply nearly knocked me off my feet.

"Oh thanks, mom!" he says "I was so worried you'd be sad that I didn't like the way you did it.  It keeps me awake at night because I can't fall asleep in an ugly bed, and then I'm so tired in the morning and can't concentrate at school."

What?!?  I'm worried that my kid's getting bullied or worse, and he's being all melodramatic about a blanket!!  Yikes!

At least he's out of his little slump.


Elizabeth said...

What? A blanket? Hee hee at least you know what the problem is now. kids. oh my goodness but we love them anyway.

Kathy said...

Sorry Hethr..I'd still be on watch and high alert. It shouldn't matter so much about a blanket. Is he just as concerned about the colour of his clothing? After raising 2 boys and hearing all these different 'excuses', I'd still be on watch. I'm sorry to make you worry again, I don't really mean to cause you to worry, just still keep an eye on him. This doesn't sound 'right' to me. I'm sorry, Hethr..

Hethr said...

Nah - the blanket is switched and he's back to himself -- pestering his sister, climbing trees...smiling. Weird!

Hethr said...

Uh...however, I should make it explicitly clear that my radar is NOT off! Always on the lookout for the welfare of my kids!!

NanLT said...

My Asperger son would be freaked and on high anxiety about something like this. His duvet has to always be the "right" way up.

amena said...

aww, bless

Erin said...

Asher is very specific when it comes to blanket placement.

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