Sep 17, 2010

a week with my toddler - Update

Just some of the things that I go through in a week with my lovely, spirited, wild child.

Monday, after a really tough day, he came up to me saying "mommy help, boogie" which as you may have figured out -- he needed a Kleenex.  So, I sigh, grab one and tell him to blow.  He gives it a couple good shots and then I see it.  It's not a boogie in his was a wadded up gum wrapper.  He'd balled it up and, for some reason that I cannot begin to fathom, shoved it up his nose to live there for a while.  I know it's been a while, considering that the last time that we'd had any gum was on the Friday before.  Nice.

Tuesday, I was still in a bit of a funk, but Adam didn't seem to care.  Rather, he'd discovered a tear in my couch (along the top, behind where the back rest cushion is) -- apparently, this was fantastic, because he proceeded to dump his bin of dinky cars in there.  One by one.  I thought that he was lining them up on the back wasn't until he said "Oh...Crash!" that I was alerted to his game.  Out of a bin of 200 dinky cars (yes, I know there are 200 there, possibly more), I didn't find out his dastardly scheme until there were only about 50 left.  I was left with the decision to leave my couch full of cars, or cut the bottom dust cover thing off to rescue them.  I still haven't decided what to do - the cars are in a "mom limbo" at the moment.

Wednesday we had an invite to the school.  They were doing a Welcome Back BBQ.  We went for burgers and cake -- and of course, got to tour the class rooms and meet the teachers.  While I was busy chatting up the teachers, Adam ran along from desk to desk, filing his pockets with crayons and erasers from the children in my son's classroom.  Sweet.  I get to send Isaac to school the next day with other people's possessions and a shameful note of explanation.

Thursday I realized that I wasn't down in the dumps because I'd been in a funk, nope, it was my body prepping me for the inevitable - the first cold of winter (and yes, I can sadly say that winter has arrived.  It snowed here.  Not in my city, but so close to it that you may as well say it was here...and it didn't stay, but still - we don't usually get those snows until mid-late October, and the snow doesn't usually start staying around until mid-November or so)  Anyhow - I was feeling sick, and because I'm a great mom when I'm sick, I wasn't about to cook my kids a meal.  It was an "eat your left over lunch, pick a cereal or starve" kinda deal.  My daughter figures that she'll be a great help and make popcorn for supper.  I lay on the couch in misery while they munched away downstairs.  Adam spilled his bowl, and rather than pick it up, he stepped on it, crushed it to bits and then pushed it under the couch.  My wonderful daughter decided to vacuum it up for me.  She's sweet that way.

Friday has just started, but he's already into a very "toddler" mood of Everything-That-I-See-Is-Mine.  I'm praying to make it to nap time - by which time, Grandma should be here to save the day.

Update 1  (yes, I'm leaving this open...I've still got a good 2 or 3 hours left before bedtime)- today (Friday), my sons' newly painted bedroom got a bit of a face lift by a graffiti artist who goes by the name of Little Adam.  And by "a bit", I mean, the entire length of a single bed from as low as he could reach to as high as he could.  He also did it in about 1.3 minutes flat.  With three adults in the home and only two children here for me to watch (including the artist himself), I'm still not sure how that happened.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I hate going to anywhere where they are serving food because a) the meat is not halal b)they never have any clue if there is pork in the other food so I either don't go or we just starve and watch everyone eat. How do you handle it? Does your school make sure everything is ok or they give you an ingredient list? Our school is going to have a potluck and I'm thinking great the only thing we could eat is our own food but what if it gets all eaten then what? Dd wants to go but I keep saying no.

Naomi said...

Thanks for that. I like your couch. it makes me feel better about mine ;-)
i like your daughter even more - could i ever use someone vacuuming the popcorn that lives under it!

any consolation - my 16 month old daughter stole a toy from the gift shop at the aquarium, every time we get in the car she screams. non stop. really loudly. REALLY REALLY LOUDLY!
the screaming upsets my 3.5 yr old. he complains. then he screams. JUST AS LOUD.
did i mention we're in car a lot these days. did i also mention i have a headache most days ;-)
oh and the doctor told me i should expect my cough (that caused me to pull a muscle a month ago) will probably be around for another couple of months.
So, fear not, you are not alone in your misery!!!

Chantilly said...

UGH!!! You forgot that your chosen 2 year old has a secret jelly bean stash somewhere and he is also the holy terror so while we are reading this and feeling bad for her...feel double bad because she has a double 2 year old there.

Hethr said...

C - it's not a worry at this school at all. I'd guess that there's a good 75% of the school that is Muslim, and another 10% who are Hindu -- the woman running the BBQ is a Muslim as well, and ensured that the burgers and dogs were all halal (for those who don't know what that means, it's simply meat from an animal that has been killed Islamically) -- she also ensured that there were veggi dogs/bugers for the Hindu families.

This is the first year that the school is going 'pork free'. It's not a really stricktly enforced rule, but it was a note sent home to al parents....interesting, huh?

Hethr said...

Naomi -- Sending some love out to a soul sister!

Hethr said...

@ Chantilly -- I'm pretty sure that my chosen two year old and my Mr. Adam were in cahoots...I'm thinking it was "Hey, run around there and pretend that I'm hiding under the table...I'm gonna go tag my brother's wall" and chosen son was like..."dude! Sounds like a plan!"

Erin said...

It was very pretty graffiti though! Not to mention how utterly charming bot the little 2's are!

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