Sep 23, 2010

A book I want to read...

I came across this the other day...looks to be quite interesting.  A book to answer the questions that many in America/Canada/UK have about Muslims..too bad I can't read anything enjoyable until Mid-December (stupid school!)  But, I thought that maybe some of my readers (Tina, Meaghan, Erin, etc) might enjoy it, so I'm putting the link here.
←  Americans, click here

                            Canadians, click here →


Meaghan said...

Why must you tempt me with quality reading when I have 4 Sookie Stackhouse novels to tackle??

LOL - looks fabulous, and I was JUST at Chapters this morning. Rats. Maybe I'll order it from Amazon on the down-low, get free shipping and extra Airmiles...? Devious AND wonderful - THANK YOU HETHR!!!

Erin said...

I just placed a request with my library for it. :) Thanks!

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