Sep 1, 2010

Hello Hollywood!

Well, okay, not Hollywood -- but I am going to be on TV!  I talked about it a while back, well, as much as I was allowed to -- but since the commercials are now airing, I think it's safe for me to talk about this whole thing.

My neighbor, and very good friend was a hoarder.  At first I thought she was just a busy mom with not much time on her hands and thus, her house wasn't perfect.  However, after a while, the Hoarding was obvious.  We (the large group of friends that she has) would try to help, but we soon realized that there is more to haording than just cleaning.  So, I went the distance and with her permission, I contacted A&E's Hoarders. Would you believe they contacted me?  They came up to Canada to help her out?

So -- it looks like Carolyn's Show is going to be airing on September 13th...Are you going to watch with me?


Amber said...

I watch every episode of that show - how cool that you are on it and that they came up to Alberta! :)

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Hey I missed this post. I'll try to remember.

Mumof2plus said...

I wanna catch this. I hope it went well!!

Crystal said...

Very cool! As much as I try, I find it difficult not to watch this show (I keep expecting to see my parents on there!) I hope Carolyn has much success with overcoming her issues... & what a great friend she has in you.

I'd be really interested in hearing about the experience with A&E.

PS. You look lovely on TV. =)

Erin said...

I will be watching as well.

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