Apr 19, 2011

What Next?

So, as if my life hasn't been stressful enough lately - with my last class forcing me to look within myself to places I'm not really comfortable going and then talking about it in a public forum (sort of -- it was for all my classmates to read).  Then the cost of this Mexico Practicum just keeps skyrocketing (passport fees, immunizations, travel insurance, etc) I hadn't really planned on these additional expenses....Then, to top off the list of monetary woes, my bursary for school ended...2 weeks before the new course was up to be paid.  :(  Ahh...such is life.

Then there are the issues around the house - the leaky sink (now fixed) and the broken dishwasher (still broken) which means that I'm still doing dishes by hand.  This breaks my heart....and wears away my skin.  No kidding here folks.  Check it out -- those are the fingers of Yours Truly, and the skin is literally sloughing off.  It's a very unpleasant feeling.  I tried doing a home hand treatment that I have called Instant Manicure, when that didn't work I tried another one that I'd forgotten I'd bought but discovered way back in my drawer BeautiControl Paraffin Treatment (no, this isn't a Beauticontrol ad, I swear!) Anyhow - that one worked a bit, but it's still bugging me.  If you have suggestions on how to fix this, please let me know (it's only on my hand that holds the sponge...weird huh?)

So, as if all of this wasn't enough, on Friday, Isaac started complaining about his sore throat - again.  This is the eighth time he's had tonsil issues in the last year.  It's frustrating...I tried putting it off, hoping against hope that it would go away - it didn't.  Then, this morning when Adam woke up he had spots all over him.  Big, red, itchy spots.  My mind instantly went to the irrational Bed Bug paranoia that I have.  I tried to brush it off, but by supper time, the spots started developing little rings around them...not a good sign!  So off to the doctor we trudged...Isaac indeed has tosillitus, and Adam?  He's got chickenpox.  Yeah...chickenpox.

What's coming next?  I only have 4 days left before I leave - please, dear God, please let them go smoothly!!


Brandi G. said...

Change the type of sponge you use?? Maybe try a moisturizer like 'Aquaphor' on our hands...

Anonymous said...

Wear rubber gloves to do the dishes.

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Yeah I was going to say rubber gloves too. As for chicken pox make sure to get some calamine lotion and tell him not to scratch and don't let anyone give him aspirin. Don't know anything about tonsils but some black seed oil wouldn't hurt and honey too. Insha Allah everything works out for your trip and you benefit the people there and everyone stays safe and sound at home. Make lots of dua. Make your intention for the sake of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. Darn that is just the way the world works it seems. Whenever I feel like I am getting everything all in order all heck breaks loose. My little ones have been hacking and coughing this past weeek. I am crossing my fingers it seems to be passing :) Darn gloves seem like a good idea. I think I am too lazy to operate that way though. I might wear them sometimes if I had some but I feel like my sink ( much like the laundry hamper) feels like a horn of plenty in its constant fullness. . so it would be gloves on gloves off . . on off on off on off :) Hey what about palmolive. . . the commercials promise clean moisturized hands and sparkling dishes :) I tried your cookie recipe. . .the adults loved them . . my daughter was eating one and said yummy and I said it has bananas in there and her face changed and she spit it out . . explaining she likes bananas and she likes chocolate but not together. Darn it I should have kept my mouth closed that there was anything out of the ordinary with the cookies:) Oh and I wanted to ask you about string undercaps. I have only had the tube ones and I like the look but I think the tightness makes me blink and crinkle my face like I am having a weird spasm so I usually wear scarf and no undercap which can lead to shifting and little hairs rubbing all around your face all annoying like sometimes. Are the ones with the strings really miraculous. . .if you say yes Im getting a couple :D And I hope hope hope everyone in your house make amazing recoveries and you fly off to Mexico in good spirits and everyone cleans your house just for the fun of it while you are gone. That one is for me cause I feel like when I set foot out of my house whatever cleaning and organizing I might have accomplished will go to pot under the supervision of my husband. Oh and one mean story. . i was outside with my son one day and he slipped and fell on the front porch and skinned his nose . . to which my husband said that would never never happen under his watchful eye . . but alas yesterday my daughter was in the house with him and fell and hit the side of her face on the coffee table . . . I am so terrible that I see a tiny upside to this little injury. Anyway, Enjoy your trip. Korie (hmm that last bit makes me sound a bit like a monster. . . but I dont think I am in real life :)

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