Apr 17, 2011

6 days

I'm leaving in just 6 days.  I'm so excited that I could just burst right now.  I've been trying to contain it because Iman's birthday is on Friday --- I can't be more excited about my trip than her birthday now, can I?

Anyhow - while I'm in Mexico, I have another course starting.  The instructor is just awesome and has already posted up the first 4 units.  I really want to get at least 2 of them over and done with before I go (that's totally do-able) BUT...

(there's always a but, isn't there?)

But, I'm so excited that I can't even really concentrate! This course is on children with special needs, and normally I have a lot to say on it (it's something that really interests me a lot) but all I've been able to do all day long is run over the list of things I want to do in my head:

  • recheck my bag - do I have everything (good thing I did that, because I almost forgot my pajamas!)
  • write out a list of "things" for my mom while she's here (she's awesome and taking care of Adam.)  This will include things like his normal routine, his likes/dislikes, how to turn on the TV and switch it to the DVD so she can get a little reprieve now and then... etc
  • write out a list of things for my older kids to do (feed the fish, clean their rooms, not make grandma never want to come back....you know, the usual).
  • try to get that stupid sink fixed
  • ^^ ditto for the dishwasher.
  • write a note for Mr. Delusional to remind him that the light in my oven has been burnt out for months, and the dryer light just burnt out today.  
  • remind Mr. Delusional to buy me printer ink so I can print out my reports to take on the plane.
  • oh yeah, print out my boarding tickets
  • ask for more donations (hint, hint peeps!)

  • let my mom know how my deep freeze is organized so she doesn't get lost.
  • laundry - clean underwear is essential in this house!!
  • Ironing....not cause I want to, but because I don't even want to face it when I come back.
  • birthday party for Iman on Friday (daytime with a few of her friends, evening with the whole family)
  • Saturday = family fun day/time spent together before we leave day/try to get to sleep because I have a long day of plane rides and apparently a bouncy, jiggly, vomit-inducing bus ride to the casita the next day.

Yeah...and I'm trying to get some homework done.


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