Nov 8, 2010

someone tried to break in to my house last night

They alarm went off.  They failed.  We never saw them, and actually, at 11 at night after being woken up, hubby and I had convinced ourselves that it was actually just a faulty sensor -- even when the guy came through on the two-way voice thing, hubby said "the window's not even open, I don't know why it went off"

It probably took me a good 3 hours to fall asleep after that, but sleep eventually came.  I waited until the kids left to school and then set about tinkering with the sensors.  Opening and closing doors and windows...testing them...arming and disarming the system -- seeing if there was a fault somewhere.

Then, the brilliant idea came to me to actually look OUTSIDE of my house at the window where the sensor tripped.  There, right before my eyes, I see the evidence of what seems to be someone who tried to break in.  There are little bitty rocks from the siding of my house scattered on my deck, my windows (which are OLD style, 1970 sliders) -- the outer pane was not on track....something that I'm ALWAYS sure of because of the God-awful noise that is produced from opening it like that!

That - combined with the fact that the alarm went off was enough to convince me....we stopped a burglar in his tracks.  Woot woot!!

This is going to now sound like an advertisement for my security company, and I guess, in a way it is.  For the longest time, I'd been asking hubby for an alarm.   We certainly don't live in a dangerous neighborhood, nor do we live in a posh place.  It's pretty average. Still -- there are more and more break ins, and a lot of them are in the garages which in our neighborhood is not attached.  Someone could do this in the day while I'm home and I wouldn't even know.  Our system covers our garage, house, windows, and fire.  There's even an option to allow it to control the temperature (turning your lights, furnace or A/C on or off at certain times).  I can access it all through my smart phone.  There is live, 2 way is fan-friggen-tastic.  My husband has been complaining for months about "the alarm we don't need" (yet, it was he who talked to the guy and signed the contract!) -- and I feel totally vindicated for this.

Thank GOD for APX.  Love the system, loved the sales-rep, love the on-going great service that we get from them.


Chris D said...

Awewsome to hear that everyone is safe and that your family was protected. It definitly gives you peace of mind having a secure home!

keahn said...

Good to read that nobody was hurt and the bloody crook didn't succeed in his endeavors.

Tina S said...

We have had a HUGE number of break ins in our area in the last 2 months and recently purchased a system through GE Security and we are BEYOND happy and satisfied!!! I am glad that you have the peace of mind that you and your family are protected while you are inside your home!

Kylie's Mom said...

Aw, that's one thing when they break in during the day, when they think no one is home...but at night? And I'm sure there are toys and junk in your yard to show them that a family lives there, who more than likely will be sleeping at 11pm.

Erin said...

Oh wow.....that's freaky. Thanks goodness for the awesome alarm.

Fernando Severns said...

I'm glad no got hurt and nothing got stolen. It can be quite scary to wake up hearing those alarms at home go off. One has to stay calm and carefully check the situation before deciding to take action. Thankfully, the sound of the alarm was enough to deter that would-be robber. It feels like a relief, no? To realize that your home was successful in defending itself like that.

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