Nov 9, 2010

Another baby?

So, last night, for some unfathomable reason, I got the sudden urge to be pregnant.  The big, full tummy with that little baby squirming around inside...the anticipation...the overwhelming loveliness that I feel as a pregnant woman.  I'm not one of those "nasty" preggos (as my friend likes to call herself) - I thoroughly enjoy pregnancy in all of it's stages --- but I have to admit, I have relatively easy pregnancies and deliveries.  Rather than morning sickness, I get food aversions (eg, I cannot eat or smell eggs cooking, a gift from my daughter, or chew gum without gaging, a gift from my middle son, and have never really gotten back that love I once had for coffee...a gift from my littlest one).  I don't tend to get terribly bloated.  I don't get back pains or swollen feet or moodiness.   I am just a round, happy, ball of motherhood creating life.  I love it.

I also can't complain about my labours.  The longest of which was 2 1/2 hours....once the doc broke my water, that baby was outta there!  In fact, when I had my last, my doc was so concerned about my tendency to deliver quickly that I was admitted to the hospital a full week early and induced.  In 15 minutes, I went from 5cm dilation to delivery.  The doc missed it.  The on call doc almost missed it and ended up catching Adam with the bed pad rather than gloves because there was no time to don them.

My sweet little Terror the day after he was born.

I like the peaceful solitude of breast feeding, I love the nuzzling and snuggling.  I love, love, LOVE the smell of a new baby. I love the coos and smiles and stare of amazement.  I love watching how much they change from day to day.

Yup...I'm one of those.

All that aside though i don't know what put this urge into my brain.  Somehow, a little seed was planted and it started to grow.

Thankfully, it was thoroughly uprooted and stomped on for good measure this morning.

  • Toddler wakes up and is in a freaking out, all out crying fit because...he wanted to pee in the toilet before his brother.  Yeah.
  • Middle son has a freaking out, almost-7-year-old version of a toddler tantrum because ... I wouldn't let him take his game boy to school.
  • Daughter has a fit because she can't do anything with her hair, and "I can't get the toothpaste out of the tube!!!" <-- can you tell she's almost a teen??
  • I found out today that my old high school pal is carrying twins!  Yikes!  Twins!!  I used to always want twins, but I just don't know how mothers of multiples do it.  Kudo's to all of you.  You. Amaze. Me.

Nah -- I think I'll pass on the whole "let's have another baby" gig.  I'll just take care of everyone else's.


Kathy said...

lol...I always figgered if I ever got that "wanna be preggo" feeling again, I would volunteer at the hospital nursery. Oddly enough, while raising my 2 wonders of nature, I never got the urge to volunteer..! And now that they are in or near their 20's.. I not only don't have the volunteer urge, I have the "what the heck was I thinking" scream within my head!

Yvonne said...

I read "bed PAN" instead of "bed pad".... I was a little concerned for a while (glad I re-read that line over again!!) :)

Hethr said...

no, not the bed pan! lol...but if he hadn't gotten in there, Moe would have delivered poor Adam!

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