Nov 19, 2010

I'm Alive!!!

Life is so ironic.  I wrote this yesterday, saved it to prepare my amazingly healthy supper of Mr. Noodles, and then dealt with my sick child all night long.  Now...I'm sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  Rather fitting considering the next sentence...

Yes, you may have thought that I'd gotten hit by a truck, or with some nasty flu bug or even something more drastic - like finding a life.  Sad fact is that I used up the majority of last week doing school work (which, Ironically, I'm ignoring now) to prepare for our Holiday that we just had (Eid-al-Adha - although I have an issue with Wikipedia calling it the Holiday of Killing -- how horrible!  The rest of the article is pretty good though).   It was a great few days spent with family and friends, and the first time in a long time that I've actually felt in a "holiday" type of spirit...even though I'm PMSing -- go figure!

But, all that holiday spirit put a major damper in my cleaning schedule.  I've gotten a couple hundred new followers, so I'll just review this quickly with you.  I have a general cleaning schedule (for vacuuming/bathrooms/etc) and I handle nasty chores like that by doing a little bit each day.  But laundry -- the very bane of my existence has it's own special routine.  Sometimes, kind hearted people come and try to help me out and it ends up badly...I shouldn't get so upset, but I do.  If I'm ever sick and you wanna help me out -- wash the floors, clean the toilet -- anything but mess with my laundry!

The Laundry Schedule
                                             Monday = blue clothes and the boys' bed sheets
                                             Tuesday = black/grey clothes + ironing if I have any
                                             Wednesday = white clothes and my bed sheets
                                             Thursday = yellow/green/brown clothing
                                             Friday = red/pink clothing and daughter's bed sheets
                                             Saturday = jeans
                                             Sunday = towels

I follow this schedule religiously.  It does a lot for me.  First - it breaks down the HUGE amount of laundry that 5 people can make (used to be 6 before stepson left).  Second - it keeps the colors of my clothing more true.  By washing my teal shirt with my blue clothing it stays a nice teal shade rather than getting dulled down by doing the traditional lights or darks.  Third - my kids as young as two or three can help, and personally, I think that teaching responsibility and helping others at a young age is a good thing.  Not everyone agrees with that, but you know - my house, my rules, right??

Anyhow -- I 've got enough laundry piled up in my bedroom right now to make a grown man weep.  It's a little terrifying.  I don't understand how we wear so many clothes!  Oh well -- such is life.

Also -- to get on that, I've been sitting here at my computer since nap time started (an hour ago) and still have not a bit of it started.  Things keep popping up.  Deliveries from my favourite online store, fabulous pictures put up on facebook...uh...the laundry bell buzzing telling me it's time to fold....You know -- the "important" stuff...


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