Feb 8, 2011

I has a stress

Yup - I admit it, I am NOT superwoman.  Today did me in.  Here's the reason why:  I woke up.

This is how my day went today:

  • Wake up at 6am.
  • attempt to spend the hour before my children wake up getting some reading done.  Failed because I spent it cleaning.
  • Make lunches for the kids and Mr. Delusional.
  • Chosen daughter arrives for the day, wants toast. I make it. She doesn't eat it.
  • Children wake and finally get dressed (after 1/2 hour of nagging)
  • feed all the children, get them washed up and out the door for school.
  • Search for the walkie-talkie that has seemingly disappeared. (still lost for what it's worth)
  • clean up breakfast dishes.
  • put in a load of laundry.
  • Chosen child arrives for the day.  He's talking a lot lately. 
  • Adam and chosen toddler go off in a toddler talking duo.  It's funny/cute.
  • Chosen daughter takes them "to the beach" - they must wear winter gear to the "beach"
  • On their way to the beach, they find *insert suspenseful Jaws-type music here* an electric piano.
  • yeah.  I was thrilled.
  • The three children play with said piano at it's lowest volume setting (which is just a few decibels under bleeding eardrums)
  • Yeah.  I was even more thrilled.
  • They are happy though, and I can tell, because I can occasionally hear their squeals of glee when there's a momentary pause in the music.
  • They are all running loops around my basement as they "dance" (hey, it's cold, there's not a lot of things they can do to get rid of the energy)
  • They did the running/squealing/high-pitched piano playing for two hours.  Yes...Two Hours.
  • Lunch time!  Yay.  Quiet.
  • Chosen daughter refuses to eat anything except for her naked noodles.
  • Nap time (otherwise known as bliss)
  • During nap time I clean up lunch dishes, sweep, put in another load of laundry, finish my passport stuff, print off some papers for school, sit down to finish the Unit I'm working on now...and then relax.
  • My tea kettle hasn't boiled yet - and they all wake up.
  • They find the piano (how on earth did I forget to put it away??)
  • We're back to the piano music/screaming like banshees.
  • I lose my patience and shout at them (and take away the piano)
  • they pout.
  • I feel bad.
  • Chosen toddler talks my ear off for the next 2 hours.  Like non-stop talking.  As in never stopping.
  • I give up on feeding my kids a real supper and just tell my kids to eat a bowl of cereal instead.
  • Argue with Iman about her homework.
  • Get invited out to a movie (with an adult!!) - but can't go because hubby has to work late and I'm here with the kids.
  • Shed a tear because I know I could have had a conversation that did not include the words: Iggle Piggle, penis or poop.
  • Now - I'm simply waiting.  Waiting for them to pass out and hope and pray that I get a little "me" time. God, how I need some me time!


Erin said...

You need it, and deserve it. You are one amazing lady.

between here and 50 said...

Hope you get your 'me' time!

NanLT said...

I have one who will STILL be talking 2 weeks after his funeral. You have my sympathies.

You have hidden the toy piano, right?

Monica said...

love this! i can relate...sadly.

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

You sure do get a lot done in a day! You must be a morning person.

TheHijabiGirl said...


your a super woman mashallah! I hope you got your time free!

hijabi hippie hypo said...

hope you got your me time! oh & don't forget to hide the piano :D

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