Jul 18, 2011

Am I the only one??

Let me set the scenario for you:

  • You walk into the kitchen and see crumbs all over the floor.
  • You start to sweep the floor, find a bath toy under the table and decide to put that bath toy away.
  • You get to the bathroom and see your towels that you'd piled up to take to the laundry, you decide to finish that job.
  • When you get to the laundry room, you remember that you need to take out some meat for supper.  You take out the meat and head back upstairs.
  • You walk into the kitchen to defrost the meat and see that your floor is still full of crumbs and you can't imagine how you can possibly be working all day long and still get no work done.

This isn't a one time thing.  This happens to me all the time.  Whether it's putting things away, preparing supper or even taking a shower (I once lost my bath towels.  Mr Delusional found them on the kitchen counter next to my coffee cup) I lose track of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

I started thinking about this as I ran downstairs to get a hand towel (which were sitting in the laundry basket unwashed because I forgot to put them in the machine after remembering to take the meat out for supper) - and I had this whole post written up in my mind.

I came and sat down at my computer all ready to write it up and then....couldn't remember what it was I came to the computer for.  Was I searching for a recipe?  Was I needing to check my email?  Why was I sitting here??

True Story peeps.


Amber said...

LOL You are not the only one. I always think of the "If you give a mouse a cookie" story when I go through my day because I do the exact same thing - work on one thing in the midst of another chore. I swear, if my family would just put things away as soon as they were done using them, I'd be out of a job. Not that I'd mind so much if that were the case...

chowchowgrl said...

LOLOL! Too true! You are so NOT the only one! The next time you walk into a room and see something you had hoped to finish, imagine you are surrounded by angels, just like you, because you are ...

Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life said...

That sounds like what I go through every day. I have to remind myself to stay in one room. I typically pile everything on the bottom step throughout the day and then take something upstairs when I go up. I am still running from room to room with unfinished stuff!

Halala Mama said...

And this? Is exactly why we have I have worked myself to death, and yet, and still...we have no clean underwear in the house to speak of. Must.get.focused. So if you just have crumbs under the table, I applaud you heartily!! :)

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