Jun 8, 2011

Why do I keep thinking I'm Martha?

The other day this weird sort of "1950's housewife" bug bit me.  I went on a big old baking spree.

I made BREAD people...by hand.

This made me think that I was like the Muslim Martha.  I made bread, I could do anything.  I expanded my Muslim Martha experience and made .... (wait for it) ... home-made chicken noodle soup...& buns.


This is what I tried to make
Then I saw an old friend from high school was making some cookie monster cupcakes.  I looked at the picture and thought, how hard could it be?  (here's a great blog about these cupcakes, also the place I got that awesome picture from)

So, I went shopping.  I bought little white chocolate blob things for the eyes (already had the chocolate chips for the pupils) -- I bought some blue food coloring, some icing (yes, pre-made) and some mini chocolate chips (they were actually snack pack ones)

Today I went to work making them.

I mixed up my packaged cake mix and plopped it into cupcake tins.  While they cooked, I made the eyes...then I mixed together the blue icing into the pre-made tin of cake frosting.  Here came problem #1.  In order to get the deep blue of Cookie Monster, I had to put in a lot of food coloring -- this, in turn, watered down the icing.

When the cupcakes were cooked and cooled, I iced.  I'm not all that fancy and didn't bother with the Icing bag thing. I  just splattered in on and thought "it's supposed to look messy."  Here's the problem though -- the icing was too thin to stay "messy" and it smoothed itself out.  It didn't do it immediately, though...it was a sneak attack thing.  It waited until the eyes and mouth were in...and then everything began to slowly slide off the cupcake.

I ended up with this.

Even the cupcake is sad
Yes folks, it's like something straight from Hyperbole and a Half  - I really like this blog, so I thought I could maybe get away with saying that I had made some "Hyperbole" cupcakes...then I remembered blabbing about my plans on facebook first.

Yikes.  I'm no Martha.  At least they taste good (but fair warning, they'll make your teeth turn blue)


Meaghan said...

omfg i just choked.
you rock.


i'm dying...

Anonymous said...

LOL - I'm guessing you used liquid food colour? For future attempts use gel dye instead...you can even get it at WalMart these days (craft section)!

Holyzatanxgirl said...

=D You're so funny. I have the same problem. You make one thing well and you think you can now conquer the world!

Maple_Mom said...

Yup... dat's my Heddr!!!!

Butter Cream Recipe:

(enough for about a dozen cupcakes)

1/2 cup butter
1 tablespoon milk/water/etc
1 tsp vanillia
2.5 cups icing sugar.

It should whip up to the point where when you pull a knife through, it doesn't flow back! It'll make "peaks" and stay!

MISS YOU!!!! And wish I could eat one... they look YUMMY!!!

Alice Alina Maruneac said...

LOL.. it looks like a french buldog straight frm a parlor :))) LOOL cant stop laughing

Yvonne said...

And I think they look like one of the drawings from the Hyperbole and a Half blog!! I think your cupcakes are therefore AWESOME!

And I highly recommend to invest in some "Wilton" colours... use the 40% off coupon from Michaels and you can get a nice little sampler set. Works great for playdough too!

We use the buttercream recipe from Wilton too when we decorate cakes... works really well.

PrincessC said...

Poor Heddr... sorry... can't stop laughing!

Here's a thought... some people are good at some things and other's not. I can do cakes etc... but I'd die to learn to make bread! And pies... I'm terrified of crusts! (Making them, that is!)... You, on the other hand, baked bread... by hand! I bow to you! AND you made homemade soup... and buns! sigh... My mommy does that but somehow it hasn't been passed down.

So revel in your awesomeness and giggle at those cupcakes (sorry, couldn't resist!) and know you're amazing!


C said...

Asalaamu alaikum

You need to take a Wilton's cake decorating course. Its fun and you'll learn how go get the icing right and that you need a tip that makes fur look like fur and also grass look like grass. Or just get the book. I've only made bread with the breadmaker so be proud.

Erin said...

The reference to Hyperbole and a Half is perfect!
....for less runny icing, and better colour, all Martha's use the gel. ;)
I think they look awesome....and they were probably yummy too.

Mona Z said...

Lol, you know, I saw a version of these using blue sprinkles! It's instant muppet fur.

little moments said...

lol...at least its got personality ;)

Halala Mama said...

Love it! :)

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