Jun 6, 2011


I've never had a child who's thrown tantrums.  Oh...they've thrown the occasional fit now and then, but never one of those screaming, throwing yourself of the floor tantrums where other people look at you and say "oh my God, what a horrible parent!!"

So, seeing that I lacked something in my life, God gave me Adam.

A few weeks ago, we went to buy bikes.

(Yes, I said a few weeks ago -- it's taken me this long to get my mental functionality recovered...I've just been in a fetal position rocking slowly in the corner this last while)  

Anyhow - the kids have all outgrown their old bikes and were in need of new...so we said "Hey, let's go to Toys R Us and look at some bikes!"  However, we didn't go to Toys R Us, instead, we stopped at another store along the way to look at the bikes there.  Apparently, this meant that the world was coming to an end to Adam.  He started crying the moment we pulled into the parking lot.  He's cried before, and so we thought he'd get over it by the time we got into the store.

We were wrong.

He cried all the way through the store.  Then he saw the bikes and stopped crying.  After checking out the bikes we realized that there was a sports store in the mall, and we could look there since we were already at the mall.  This made Adam cry again.  This time, he started to intersperse screams of "NO!" while kicking and screaming.  It sounded like we were torturing him. (note, I have never tortured, nor  head anyone being tortured, I'm using a figure of speech called an "a simile" - please stop sending me emails asking me, "did you really do that??")

So, he cried all the way to the sports store, saw a bike that he could actually try riding and was fine.  Then we left to go to Toys R Us.  We thought he'd be happy about that.

We were wrong.

He cried through the sports store.  He cried through the mall.  He cried through the other store we stopped at.  He cried through the parking lot.  He cried in the car.  He cried at Toys R Us.

He cried for 4 hours. He cried, he screamed, he kicked, he thrashed - he could have had a starring role in the next Exorcist movie.

And people wonder why I don't plan on having more.


Anonymous said...

and did adam get the bike in the end? i wouldnt have bought him one!!!! lol............

PrincessC said...

Aren't they wonderful? Hunter decided he didn't want to go to bed last night. I laid with him. I left him alone. I held him. I tried to nurse him. I rocked him, walked him... no matter what I did he still screamed, cried, did the back arching thing... And my only reward was to find out, when Lyle came upstairs to tell me, that one of the neighbors had called the police! Yup! I had the police at my door. Luckily the officer was a parent. He told Lyle to just keep the windows closed until I got him to sleep. That he completely understood tired toddlers. Phew! Still... I'm sooo NOT impressed! sigh. And I'm going out tonight? :P Lyle said he's going to keep the doors and windows closed. :P

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Some kids are like that. You can't delineate from the the original plan. Maybe in the future you should be more generic, lol. But then again he may come up with his own idea then in his head and throw a fit when your location isn't what he expected.

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