Jan 27, 2010

The things you do when your internet is down…

Not homework, because that would make sense. Yes, I may already be done my assignments, but I am taking two classes right now, so why not get to work on the things I can do ahead of time?? Well – because it’s much more reassuring to sit here and click on the refresh button and hope.

No, I think that I'll reminisce. I could think about the things that happened today. Hmmm…morning started off okay, but once all my daycare kids were here, that went to hell in a hand basket fairly quickly. Between the tantrums of my own child, the whining of the one whom I suspect is fighting off something, and the bickering and fighting with the other three…my morning almost made me take a stress leave. However, after nap time, everyone was in a much better mood.

That much improved mood meant emptying my 200-piece Mr Potato Head all over my floor. Not a big deal – what was a big deal was that instead of playing with the pieces in a conventional way, the toddlers decided it was much more fun to see how far they could toss the pieces around the room. Little flying eyeballs and lips of mass destruction is what they created.

Then there was the “potty competition”. Yup, if you can believe it, we are trying to potty train a few of them here. My little guy gets a stamp on his hand every time he asks to pee and performs. My girl who’s potty training here is now excellent at staying dry, and only gets stamps if she poops. Another child has been having a bit of a backlog, and was thusly told that she would also get a stamp if she could poop. The deal was this…I need to see the poop…not just be told of it. In the space of about 20 minutes there were 4 trips to the bathroom to view and analyze poops of various sizes and colours; they debated on whether the poop merited a stamp, which was either withheld or passed out accordingly.

Then my older ones came from school. My middle guy, who was excited about a loose tooth he discovered a few weeks ago said “mom, my tooth hurts”…the thing was so loose I didn’t even have to pull it out, it basically just came out. Though he likes to say “mom RIPPED the tooth out of my mouth.”

For some reason, his tooth falling out had a soothing effect on me. I’ve been a little stressed lately (not getting into it now), but with all the grumpiness in the daycare today, I was about to explode. That tooth just made everything else seem so trivial.

So that was my day – teeth, tantrums, toileting and tossed toys. Oh – and my “down internet” turned out to be my PC stuck on an expired IP address. Simple refresh of the pc through the command prompt (makes me sound intelligent to say this – but I was walked through by the cable company!).


Tina Schell said...

Heather please blog more often...they always make me smile.

Anonymous said...

You know that even though they don't tell you...your chosen children love you dearly right? Baby O knows when we are pulling around the corner and starts saying Hedder, Hedder.

Hethr said...

"my chosen children"

I love that...it's VERY true. I will use this for them from now on...dayhome kids sounds so Blah. Chosen Children is truly what they are!

C said...

Heather...do you remember me? I'll spell my name for you...O-L-D W-O-M-A-N.....rofl. There I am at the hairdressers and I pick up a magazine that is lying next to me and open the page and the name, your name jumps out at me! So I think to myself well who knows maybe there is someone else with that name...but oh no then they say you are in Edmonton..wow..I turn to the kids and say hey I know this woman! So they say how? and I say facebook and then they give me the mom you're such a loser look. So congrats on being famous for momnesia..yeah I got it too..can you imagine having 10 kids...they never know what name they will be called by! Yeah even by my younger brother's name sometimes too.

Hethr said...

What?? What magazine??

And by the way -- I do know your name, but wasn't sure if it was something you wanted on your blog or not! Old woman...crazy C...whatever!! ;o)

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

You're joking right? you're in this magazine (everyone check it out).


you have to buy it though or if you're lucky read it at the dentist/doctor/hairdresser

Hethr said...

Wow -- I'm famous!! I now remember talking to the author, but didn't know I'd be printed!

C said...

Talk about serendipity eh? Of all the places in the world I could be, its reading your piece at my hairdressers, here's looking at you kid!

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