Dec 10, 2009

More Daycare-isms from my great Daycare Kid!

So -- this child has the most vivid imagination, and such a genuine sweetness and innocence about her. I love her to bits.

So far today (just in the last 4 hours) I have heard the following:

  • "tinker-bell, tinker-bell, tinkles all the day" (her version of Jingle Bells)
  • "I'm not a big girl yet, my mom's 14. That's REALLY big."
  • When asked if she had pooped (hey, I have 3 in diapers here, it's easiest to ask the ones that can answer first!), she replies with "um, let me see my socks first." Uh...okay??
  • "Heder, I don't like formers (transformers) because they don't cuddle nice and they [turns voice into robot voice] talk-like-this. That's not nice."
  • I tried to get her to finish the last few bites of her soup, and said "You can't have a cookie until you finish your soup." She pouted. Then I said, "What would your mommy say if I let you eat a cookie before you finished your soup?" She replies, "yum."


Tina Schell said...

What a sweetie!

Carolyn Newton said...

That's my girl! And we heard "Tinker bell" ALL the way to Fairmont.... AND BACK!!!!

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