Oct 22, 2009

From the mouths of babes....

As a dayhome provider, I am blessed with seeing the world through the lives of children every day. Sometimes, that is a wonderful thing, other times....not so much. The following is an odds and ends list of funny things the children have said to me over the last few weeks.

1. When talking about the games that I used to play when I was young, daughter looked up at me and said "Why do they call it the olden days?" (for the record, I did not say "in the olden days" -- keep in mind, she's 8 and has heard of "the olden days" from sources other than me).
Anyhow, I answered her with, "well, I guess because they happened a long time ago"
Her reply "Well, I think it should be called, 'The Youngun Days', because they happened when real old people were young."

2. I have a Toddler in Dayhome, he's adorable and loving. I thought to myself "hmmm...he's big enough to try to feed himself now." So I gave him a spoon and a bowl (barely filled) with macaroni in it. He promptly put the spoon into the bowl and .... sort of stirred it. Then, when he saw that I was sitting at the table and not feeding him, he started yelling, "HEY.....hedder! Hedder? HEDDER!?!!" After laughing (yes, I laughed at him!) I fed him his lunch!

3. I also have a little preschooler in care. She's adorable (and new to my home). First day here, and I think "I don't want to shock her too much" so I serve her relatively 'normal' snacks (usually, I have very healthy things, like asparagus and such). We ate yogurt for morning snack, had some chicken and spaghetti for lunch, and for afternoon snack, I thought I'd make ants on a log. Little did I know that I was out of raisins....so I thought that I'd add the healthy and beneficial prune to the mix. Yes folks, I said prune. They are healthy, sweet and delicious. One prune is really a healthier equivalent of a handful of raisins. Little S runs to her spot at the table when I call for snack...suddenly, she stops and starts crying...
"What's wrong?" I ask her.
"I don't wanna eat poop!" she wails and points to the black, shriveled up prune, "I don't like poop!"

4. One evening, my kids are super quiet. That's usually a sign of major problems for me. I tip toe down the stairs and find that they are just watching TV. "What are you watching?" I ask.
"Scooby Doo" my son replies.
"in human!!" my daughter exclaims.

5. A few weeks ago, dayhome girl was very upset...somehow she'd gotten into her mind that her 23 yr old mother was so old that she would soon die. In attempting to reassure her that in fact, mommy was very healthy and would likely live to be very old, she asks me "well," *sniff* "how old are you?"
"why, I'm only 32" I reply.
K's eyes widen to the size of teacups "Oh my, I don't think Granny is even that old!"

There are more, but I don't have the time right now! I shall add more similar posts as I gather information (and hopefully remember it!!)


C said...

Asalaamu alaikum

These are hilarious! Sounds like your daughter is just like you!

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